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The last year has expedited the modernisation of HR by redefining employee experience to create an environment where employees can do their best work. As organizations embrace hybrid working models, it has become imperative to reimagine people processes in the new normal leveraging the power of collaboration tools. Microsoft Teams enables people not just to meet, chat, call, and collaborate with their teams, but also serves as a platform that brings together apps and workflows to help get work done. In fact, users utilizing third-party apps and custom-built solutions in Teams every month grew over seven times year-over-year.

A strong and thriving ecosystem of partners are continuously pushing the bounds of innovation with the solutions they’ve built on Microsoft Teams. More than 800 Teams apps built by independent software vendors (ISVs) have been published and partners are growing their business and finding immense value from building on Teams. Microsoft partners create rich and powerful Microsoft Teams apps that enhance the collaboration and employee experience in Teams.

Skillate: Making hiring easy, fast, and transparent: Skillate has developed an AI-based recruitment platform that is integrated with Microsoft Teams. The solution helps to optimize the entire process of recruitment, right from creating the job requisition, to resume matching, up until candidate engagement and even conducting interviews. The solution has enabled up to 75% increase in recruitment efficiency for over 30 customers of Skillate in the past year. Recruiters can screen candidates by inviting them to an intelligent chat-based screening platform. Skillate’s automated interview scheduling module and JD assistant utilize NLP to increase efficiency and decreasing turnaround time from referral to recruitment by nearly 60%.

Talview: Enhancing live interview experience in hybrid environments: Talview is an end-to-end automated video interview and online assessment tool with AI capabilities that streamlines hiring from first source to final offer. Using Microsoft Teams, the platform enables recruiters to organize live interviews or proctored exams along with actions like schedule, reschedule, cancel, or view upcoming sessions. Using Talview on Teams facilitates collaborative hiring, make faster decisions and hire effectively. Over 97 organizations have been able to evaluate over 24 lakh candidates in the past year and have reported 66% increase in engagement with applicants.

Empuls: Improving employee efficiency and engagement: Empuls is a holistic engagement platform developed by Xoxoday, which enables organizations to build a truly engaged culture. Leaders can appreciate and reward team members with performance incentives. Organizations can also ensure continuous feedback and improvement through real-time surveys and plan data-driven employee engagement activities. Over the last one year, despite the sudden changes to remote working, organizations using this application were able to improve their eNPS scores by almost 18%.

Providing seamless assistance anytime anywhere: Captain Zingo, the AI-powered HR assistant designed by ZingHR, provides quick responses to all HR queries from the workforce, anytime anywhere. Customers of ZingHR have realized over 91% improvement in response time to employee inquiries. Additionally, it helps employees keep track of their attendance, leave management, connecting with co-workers, and viewing HR policies on-the-go.

Ramco: From transactional to transformational HR and payroll: Ramco CHIA, developed by Ramco Systems, is an AI-powered virtual assistant built on Microsoft Teams with the ability to understand and respond to queries with a human touch. The platform uses AI, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate mundane tasks such as managing attendance, expenses, leaves, timesheets, payslips and travel claims among others. Ramco CHIA can answer employee queries regarding compensation and benefits. The platform enables transactions through actionable cards in Microsoft Teams leveraging a personalization engine minimizing inputs for transactions such as scheduling leave or filing timesheets or reimbursements. Over time, the virtual assistant improves contextual awareness, gets smarter and anticipates users’ needs based on their behavioural pattern, and even prompts actions as needed. With over 150,000 subscribed users globally, Ramco CHIA has enabled more than 10 million conversations with 40+ customers in the last three years.

A workplace platform is only as good as the ecosystem of relevant and useful applications and custom integrations available. Customers are benefitting from all of these solutions that increase employee productivity and enhance collaboration. In a recent Forrester study on the Total Economic Impact of Partner Applications on Teams, 95 percent of respondents indicated that apps for Teams increased team performance. That’s why Microsoft continues to invest in Teams platform capabilities to enable and empower partners to continue to build new, innovative solutions. When the partners succeed, Microsoft succeeds, and together they bring more value to the customers.

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