HRAPP enters the international market with employee productivity monitoring software


HRAPP, a Coimbatore based startup company that offers HR management solutions to monitor employee activities and time tracking has progressed to become monitoring software in the global market. The company has been working hard to provide the in class solutions for making remote working. 

The software takes care of hiring, engaging, and retaining the employees while managing their payroll, employee expenses, and activity tracking. Activity tracking is an excellent tool that smoothly manages remote employees. The cutting edge technology implemented in the tool will helpcompanies track employee activities, time spent on productive and nonproductive hours. The tool takes screenshots every 10 minutes and stores it for future reference.

The pandemic has forced the world indoors, and work from home has become the new normal. Employee monitoring and time tracking solutions have empowered companies to keep tabs on all remote employees and their activities. The ease with which organisations can track and monitor has given a solution an edge over other competitors.

The managing director congratulated the team for their innovative and creative solutions that has enabled the company to develop a unique product on global competition in the employee monitoring space. He feels the pandemic induced lockdown did accelerate the company’s prospects and it gave them the chance to showcase some of the unique solutions for employee monitoring to the world.


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