Huhtamaki India outsources data center management to Yotta Infrastructure


Yotta Infrastructure has announced that Huhtamaki India, one of the country’s leading manufacturer of primary consumer flexible packaging and labelling materials, has migrated its captive, on-premise data center to Yotta NM1 data center at Panvel, Navi Mumbai. The cost implications of running a captive data center and manageability issues arising out of pandemic prompted this move by Huhtamaki. To remain focused on business innovation and achieve considerable savings on the total cost of operations, the Huhtamaki IT team outsourced the data center management to Yotta Infrastructure.

Despite having a global tie-up with a leading cloud infrastructure and data center services provider and having evaluated multiple data center service providers across Mumbai, Huhtamaki decided to award the contract to Yotta in India.

Yotta NM1 Datacenter now hosts 20+ applications of Huhtamaki India, including the core ERP, Active Directory (AD) Authentication, AD Server, Single Sign-On Service, Gateway Firewall, Esko WebCenter, and a whole host of other applications that are accessed by 3,300+ users across the country. The organisation is also leveraging the Private Cloud services of Yotta to meet the infrastructure needs required for the digitalization of finance and accounts processes.

“The growing manageability issues coupled with the rising cost of operating a captive data center coaxed us to go with a specialised colocation provider. The search for a right partner led us to Yotta, wherein apart from their world-class Yotta NM1 data center facility, we were also impressed with the company’s vision of setting up massive hyperscale data centers across India and in the process, serving the needs of enterprises”, said Udit Pahwa, Head, Information Technology, Huhtamaki India. Pahwa further added, “By moving to Yotta, we are not only envisaging significant cost savings on the total cost of operations, but our internal IT team can now focus on the core functionalities of managing and monitoring the enterprise applications.”

Sunil Gupta, Co-founder, and CEO, Yotta Infrastructure said, “In a bid to drive innovation agenda and align their business transformation efforts, enterprises across industries are gradually moving from their captive data center set up to a third-party, multi-tenant data center. And we, at Yotta, are very proud to have become a preferred colocation partner for one such enterprise – Huhtamaki India. Being chosen by the county’s leading packaging major reaffirms our commitment of meeting the demands of India’s growing colocation market.”


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