IceWarp’s cost effective collaborative solutions empower enterprises with hybrid working environment


In the beginning of the year 2020, organisations were challenged with balancing the remote and physical work ratios as now work models have been changed within a snip due to the pandemic. Nothing has changed much in 2021 as the world is still fighting with the deteriorating cases of Covid-19 and still unsure about when to completely open the workplaces. 

Hence, rather than shifting operations “back to normal,” industry leaders are rigorously looking to leverage collaboration tools in order to build a Hybrid-remote workforce and be prepared for the coming future. Looking into the increased Covid-19 cases again, leaders from large or small scale companies are strategically thinking about enhancing their remote work policies and practices in order to keep up the productivity.

Specialised in hybrid implementations, IceWarp is one-of-a-kind enabling the enterprises in India to sail through adverse conditions that have occurred due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Unified Communications is IceWarp’s sole focus and with the best cost-effective features of communication, collaboration, security, and mobility, IceWarp is revolutionising how organisations work and communicate. There are many products in the market with their own features and uniqueness.

However, what IceWarp promises to its customers is the flexibility to use IceWarp and also ‘co-exist’ with any other mailing solution in a single domain. Apart from that, the company offers its customers the uniqueness of being able to ‘pay for what they use’. So, all of this fits the market requirement well in terms of huge savings on TCO, and thus, IceWarp stands out as a cost-effective platform among others. 


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