Incedo consolidates its Cybersecurity Defense with Check Point Software Technologies


Check Point Software Technologies has announced that Incedo Inc., a global digital transformation consulting services and solutions firm, has consolidated its cybersecurity defense with Check Point Software solutions, including Check Point Quantum Security Gateways, Check Point Harmony Endpoint and Check Point R80 Security Management. By switching from a multi-vendor approach to a consolidated end to end strategy with Check Point solutions, Incedo was able to overcome security gaps and safeguard itself and its clients from the increase in cyberattacks in 2020 and throughout 2021, all while decreasing endpoint costs by about 30% and a rise in productivity.

Incedo is a global consulting services and solutions firm that helps enterprises achieve competitive advantage through digital transformation. Protecting data and service offerings is integral to Incedo’s business. The company works with large volumes of clients’ proprietary data and intellectual property. Besides this, Incedo processes data for its customers, providing it as packaged information services. The company also generates its own product development data and internet and application-based services.

Multiple, distributed cloud environments support the company’s needs across the globe, including both pure cloud and hybrid. Separate environments are maintained for Incedo and each client, and each environment was being protected by solutions from multiple vendors. As the global threat environment evolved, interoperability issues made it difficult to orchestrate policy and ensure visibility across the different security solutions. There was a need for Incedo to consolidate its security infrastructure, especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic when remote work became a reality for both Incedo and its customers.

“By consolidating our cybersecurity defenses with Check Point Software, we’re far more agile and flexible than before. Check Point Software has helped us become a highly resilient organization. In fact, when ransomware attacks spiked in 2020 and early 2021, both our and our clients’ environments stayed safe,” said Archie Jackson, Senior Director and Head of IT and Security, Incedo.

“Check Point Harmony is one of the most complete endpoint security solution I have evaluated and implemented. We were previously using separate security solutions, but with the implementation of Check Point Harmony, we saved about 30% of our endpoint protection costs. We also increased the productivity of our security admins. This was further increased with Check Point R80 Security Management which automated our security policy updates and enabled configurations to be carried out with one click.” explained Jackson.

As Incedo continues to consolidate its cybersecurity defenses with Check Point Software, its next step will be the deployment of the Check Point CloudGuard solution, to protect its internal application development assets in the cloud and to automate DevSecOps, reducing the risks associated with application development.


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