IndiaIT360 attains the milestone of 20K registered channel partners


IndiaIT360, India’s leading B2B Digital Platform connecting the entire ICT fraternity has yet achieved another milestone, 20000+ Registered Channel Partners. The unique  digital platform enables the entire fraternity to unlock immense opportunities by proving that great  possibilities happen when you connect with the right people and build a strong network!

Networking is not just connecting with people, it’s about connecting with people who have  innovative and amazing opportunities,” said, Mr. Alok Gupta (MD IndiaIT360 Solutions Pvt. Ltd).

IndiaIT360 is elated to see such a positive response from the ICT industry and to date, it has built a strong network of 20K Registered Channel Partners, which makes it the biggest B2B ICT fraternity.  IndiaIT360 provides its partners an incredible opportunity to build an e-catalogue hassle-free and  promote their latest IT products/ services/ solutions to a wider network i.e. to the tech innovators,  OEMs, Corporates/ SMEs, & Startups.

We, at IndiaIT360, bring great value to every partner in the form of the latest information, operational  excellence, & above all, profitability. With 150+ OEMs, 4750+ distributors/sub-distributors, 5030+ SI  partners/dealers, 10060+ retailers, and 445+ CIOs, IndiaIT360 has become one of the biggest partners  ecosystems across India with the sole aim of bringing the entire ICT fraternity together on one digital  platform.

After the breathtaking success of Startup Connect, IndiaIT360 has come up with its latest offering i.e.  Industry Connect for all the Corporates/ SMEs to help them scout for the best information technology  (IT) products, services, or solutions from more than 20K Registered Channel Partners at the most  competitive prices.

“By getting registered with IndiaIT360, Corporates/SMEs can experience BIG savings on their latest IT  purchases for their organization,” said Mr. Alok Gupta (MD IndiaIT360 Solutions Pvt. Ltd).

Industry Connect also offers SMEs/Corporates an opportunity to associate with CIOs/CISOs inclined  to provide consultancy to develop a sound IT setup in their organization, hence keeping them in tune  with the changing times and becoming digitally transformed.


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