IndiaIT360 launches digital B2B platform, Industry Connect


The nation’s growth relies heavily on corporates and MSME businesses that contribute to the GDP by generating mass employment in every nook and corner of India. SMEs and Corporates are the backbones of the Indian economy, providing an ample number of jobs and making up a vast majority of companies in the market, but suffering from particular gaps in finding the right vendors for their IT procurement, thereby resulting in slower growth.

Also, not having the right mentorship to build a robust IT infrastructure is another challenge faced by SMEs and Corporates.

Though new technology is being adopted across organizations, these companies still struggle to address the two key issues discussed above. IndiaIT360 is created to provide a solution to these issues and gives an opportunity to SMEs & corporates to avail its benefits.


IndiaIT360 launches Industry Connect, the only platform that bridges the gap that exists between reaching and connecting with the right target audience i.e. the channel partners for their IT procurement at competitive prices or finding the right Tech Guru to transform your organization into a digitally progressive one.

Industry Connect Offerings to Corporates and SMEs

E-procurement for IT products/ services/ resources is the profiting factor for all the corporates and SMEs to eliminate higher costs, improvise processes, and expand. If any corporate or SME wants to survive in the market in the long run and stay competitive, it’s vital to cut down costs by procuring resources at the most competitive prices, a massive task for any IT manager.

With Industry Connect, SMEs can create RFQs with unique features, wherein they can select the city from where partners may participate in the RFQ, ensuring local vendor participation & logistical expense reduction. IndiaIT360 has partners all over the country hence giving SMEs & Corporates access to the availability of products/services/manpower anywhere they need.

Industry Connect also offers SMEs/Corporates an opportunity to hire CIO/CISO inclined to provide consultancy to develop a sound IT setup in their organization, hence keeping them in tune with the changing times. CIOs/CISOs are industry titans who have devoted years to creating technological milestones for their organizations and the country as a whole. The sheer depth of knowledge that they have makes them an indisposable asset for any organization, and they are keen to help SMEs to become technologically advanced. Whether it is a long tenure hiring or a short project-based association, SMEs now have the chance to connect with these IT Gurus for their organizations. Appoint top Tech Gurus to get the best consulting services either for a long tenure or a particular project for their organization,  to drive business growth.

Wrapping Up 

In the era of cut-throat competition and diminishing margins, businesses are looking for smart ways that will give them a modern and competitive edge.

IndiaIT360 recognized this problem and built the opportunity for all the Corporates and SMEs to get the most competitive prices through trusted partners digitally, which may not be available in the traditional marketplace. Or associate with the topmost IT industry evangelists to transform their organisations infrastructure.

Either ways IndiaIT360 emeges as the go to B2B platform to address both these concerns.

“In the competitive digitized world, SMEs are looking for smart ways to procure the right IT products/services/resources that can provide them an outsmarting advantage. IndiaIT360 identified this problem and created a platform where SMEs/ Corporates can easily E-Procure from a pool of vendors at the most competitive prices”,  said Mr. Alok Gupta (Managing Director, IndiaIT360 Solutions Pvt.Ltd.)

“Finally there is a platform that resolves this age-old gap wherein Corporate/SMEs couldn’t find any digital avenue to procure IT products/services/ resources from multiple vendors at competitive prices,” said Mr. Sujoy Brahmachari (Chief Technology & Information Security Officer, USE Group)

“I strongly believe IndiaIT360 is the only digital platform that will change the way SMEs & Corporates procure IT products going forward,” said Ms. Geetanjali Iyengar (Business Head- IndiaIT360 Solutions Pvt.Ltd.)


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