Indiaitchannels introduce OEM registration to its e-store


The launch of e-store platform-Indiaitchannels has been receiving an overwhelming response with over 5000+ registrations and aims to associate with more and more partners.

The portal is supporting the IT Partners to take their business to another level by transforming the way they market, sell and operate their services. The registered partners have begun the process of creating their catalogue page to expand their business. The platform has offered the prospects of enhancing their business and creating never-ending customer experience.

Recently, the portal had launched B2C page for the partners where they can create their own e-stores and catalogue page to manage, promote and update their latest products and services.  The constant success of the platform has been encouraging the entire team to come up with new launches/additions to the community.

Amongst the few new initiatives, portal will introduce the addition of OEMs to the community. This new feature will allow OEMs to register their products on the portal free of charge currently and begin the cataloging process.

According to Indiaitchannels, this launch is anticipated to bring another massive revolution among the IT fraternity as it will enable the OEMs to associate with partners of all magnitudes Distributors, sub-distributors, SI partners and resellers from across the country effortlessly.

OEMs can increase brand awareness and their partner base through different mediums of communication on the portal and ensure visibility amongst 5000+ partners. OEMs can also look at a great ROI model since the investments in digital marketing space are comparatively lesser than any of the traditional counterparts.


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