Indian IT firm Data Xgen empowers users by integrating #Hashtags in emails


Data Xgen Technologies Pvt Ltd has come up with yet another disruptive solution by completing a soft launch of all powerful #Hashtag on its email service Datamail, powered by XgenPlus.

In a statement, Dr. Ajay Data, CEO, Data Xgen said, “In today’s digital world the hashtag has become an important tool to tag particular information and search the entire information. Now the similar concept has been introduced in Datamail powered by Xgenplus, where you can tag any information on any email than a particular tag name can be used to retrieve all the emails irrespective of the sender or subject.”

In this digital age, the #hashtag has become the most sought after tools. A suitable tag can help derive brand recognition, boost the reach of any commercial or social campaign.

Citing a commercial example, Dr. Data added, “In a marketing company, there may be several sales people who send email to their reporting managers. These sales persons get purchase orders which they send to their manager. Email Sent with a suitable #Hashtag such as #PO, the reporting managers would be able to collect all orders in one go irrespective of which sales person has sent the email.”

“Adding #hashtags further enhances the ‘search capability’ in an email enabling searching and grouping more convenient, faster and efficient. #Hashtags can be added by both sender and the e-mail user for the incoming mails,” he said.

DataMail is Made in India – World’s first linguistic email app developed by Data Xgen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The company currently provides email addresses in 15 Indian languages along with International languages such as Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Cyrillic and so on. The company presently has over 23 million users.

Data Xgen technologies Pvt Ltd. is a group company of Data Infosys Ltd. The company rapidly expanded its line of businesses in the areas of e-Governance, Software Products, Turn-key IT Solutions and Mobile Technologies.


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