Indium Software launches uphoriX – A smart unified automated testing platform


Indium Software, a leading global digital technology services company has launched first-of-its-kind smart unified testing platform uphoriX. The all-in-one Smart Quality Assurance (QA)/ test automation platform integrates functional testing, performance testing, security and compatibility with the objective to increase the pace and frequency of software/application release. The highly agile testing platform addresses the needs of various business categories – from start-ups to large enterprises.

With smart automated testing capabilities, Indium will help address the pain point faced by the businesses building new age applications and it improves collaboration between QA functions. uphoriX was designed to reduce the overall complexity in the testing processes by automating and increasing the test coverage thereby reducing test creation time as well as maintenance efforts. uphoriX endures 30-40% of the end-to-end testing lifecycle, to speed up development and in turn accelerates digital transformation across industries. The platform automates the tests over the cloud and is compatible with all testing tools. uphoriX easily integrates with most of the DevOps tools enabling CI/CD and also supports automation in an Agile Sprint model.

“COVID 19 has disrupted the way businesses function across industries by increasing the adoption of digital technologies. We are excited with the launch of uphoriX, a smart platform that decreases the time to product development and facilitates the entire QA process. We believe uphoriX is the one-stop solution that can manage all QA requirements, save on software testing costs and time to market,” said Mr. Ram Sukumar, Co-founder and CEO of Indium Software.


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