Inspira Enterprise joins Nozomi Networks’ MSSP Elite Partners’ League to establish a robust OT-IoT cybersecurity posture across industrial environments


Inspira Enterprise, a global cybersecurity services organisation today announced a strategic partnership with Nozomi Networks, the leader in OT and critical infrastructure security. Inspira is now among the exclusive global league of Nozomi Networks Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Elite Partners.  Inspira succeeded in fulfilling Nozomi Networks’ most stringent assessments and thorough due diligence to become a certified part of this top-tier group.

This alliance will benefit both Inspira’s and Nozomi Networks’ customers across the globe with the managed services offerings of a reputable MSSP in industrial control systems (ICS) and OT environments. Inspira will oversee comprehensive operations, monitor alerts, and implement round-the-clock incident response effectively minimising potential disruptions in production.

Cyberattacks are rapidly increasing on OT and critical infrastructure across energy, utility, manufacturing, transportation, and industrial sectors, where proactive cybersecurity is the need of the hour.  This can be achieved with MSSPs joining hands with OT and critical infrastructure security leaders to guide the industry to effectively navigate the dynamic threat landscape.  Inspira will develop customised strategies to help organisations establish a robust OT/IoT cybersecurity posture.

“In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, maintaining the functionality of critical infrastructure and industrial sectors that drive the economy is an ongoing challenge. Furthermore, in this age of unprecedented technological advancements, the risks to OT systems are on the rise, demanding high-level expertise to effectively address them.  This partnership will empower us to provide enhanced OT-managed services for organisations worldwide by leveraging the robust and advanced solutions offered by Nozomi Networks.” said, Pritam Shah, Global Practice Head, OT Security, Inspira Enterprise. He further emphasised, “This engagement offers a flexible approach for customers of both Nozomi Networks and Inspira Enterprise to efficiently manage their budgets too. With a structure presenting zero capital expenditure (Capex) and only operational expenditure (Opex), organisations can achieve a significant 30% reduction in costs.”

Chet Namboodri, SVP of Alliances and Channel at Nozomi Networks said, “Inspira Enterprise is a leader in the cybersecurity services domain and plays a key role in delivering peace of mind to CISOs by helping them strengthen their security posture across IT and OT environments. We are pleased to join forces with Inspira to provide our shared customers with dedicated MSSP services for OT. This partnership aims to assist organisations in navigating the complexities of industrial environments and delivering robust security solutions for OT and IoT.”

As a certified MSSP Elite Partner of Nozomi Networks, Inspira will be hosting all licenses and providing Everything-as-a-Service, while ensuring its teams receive comprehensive training on the Nozomi Platform.


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