Intel ties up with Glance to showcase its latest processor on smartphone lock screens


Glance partnered with technology giant Intel, to launch an innovative campaign for the latter’s 11th Gen Intel Core processors on Glance’s platform available on smartphone lock screens. With over 150 million Indians spending an average of 22 minutes on Glance daily, the campaign has enabled Intel to generate product awareness and discovery among PC shoppers, through impactful storytelling, surfaced on the lock screens of millions of smartphones across the country.

The objective of the campaign was to drive home the uniqueness of the 11th Gen Intel Core processors and to reach out to people actively looking for PCs, in an engaging manner. Intel’s intention was to go beyond the clutter of social media and to utilize the power of the lock screen to reach the right consumers. With its AI-powered content discovery and personalization, Glance ensured that the message was delivered to accurate sub-sets of potential consumers. Millions of lock screens were lit up with a burst of the Intel blue, alongside crisp communication and a strong call to action. The striking imagery of PCs integrated with the 11th Gen processor ruled the spotlight, grabbing eyeballs on the mobile’s front page. One tap led users directly to Intel’s retail site, driving web traffic for the brand, while also simplifying the consumer journey immensely.

The success of the campaign came through in its user engagement numbers, with the campaign recording an impressive reach of 23.8 million users and 61.16 million impressions. According to Brand Lift Insights research done by Kantar India, 79% of the users found the ads to be relevant and non-intrusive to their inherent experience on Glance and 54% of the audience found the ads to be enjoyable. The research also showed that 67% of the users associated the ad with the brand thus reflecting a high recall value owing to the captivating visuals and communication.

“Brands are increasingly looking for newer, faster and innovative ways of reaching their consumers. We believe Glance, with its novel lock screen real estate and over 150 million active users, adds immense value. We are excited to have partnered with Intel for the launch of their 11th Gen Intel Core processor, contributing to their business success, and look forward to working with them on many more such campaigns in the future,” said Devika Sharma, Director – Sales, Glance.

Recently, Glance launched Glance LIVE, a live content streaming service on smartphone lock screens. Glance LIVE aims to bring users the best of live content from some of India’s top content partners, across categories like entertainment, sports, current affairs, gaming, music, and commerce.


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