Intel unveils Infrastructure Processing Unit


Intel unveiled its vision for the infrastructure processing unit (IPU), a programmable networking device designed to enable cloud and communication service providers to reduce overhead and free up performance for central processing units (CPUs). With an IPU, customers can better utilise resources with a secure, programmable, stable solution that enables them to balance processing and storage.

“The IPU is a new category of technologies and is one of the strategic pillars of our cloud strategy. It expands upon our SmartNIC capabilities and is designed to address the complexity and inefficiencies in the modern data center. At Intel, we are dedicated to creating solutions and innovating alongside our customer and partners — the IPU exemplifies this collaboration,” said Guido Appenzeller, Chief Technology Officer, Data Platforms Group, Intel.

The IPU is a programmable network device that intelligently manages system-level infrastructure resources by securely accelerating those functions in a data center. It allows cloud operators to shift to a fully virtualised storage and network architecture while maintaining high performance and predictability, as well as a high degree of control.

“As a result of Intel’s collaboration with a majority of hyperscalers, Intel is already the volume leader in the IPU market with our Xeon-D, FPGA and Ethernet components,” said Patty Kummrow, Vice President, Data Platforms Group and General Manager, Ethernet Products Group, Intel. “The first of Intel’s FPGA-based IPU platforms are deployed at multiple cloud service providers and our first ASIC IPU is under test,” added Kummrow.


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