InvestorAi collaborates with WealthDesk to expand unified wealth interface vision


Bridgeweave, a fintech focussed on enabling universal access to complex quantitative investment research through its InvestorAi platform, has partnered with WealthDesk, an investment technology platform that’s building the Unified Wealth Interface (UWI) for Wealth Management ecosystem on top of broking.

UWI is an internet scale wealth management ecosystem that is powered by WealthDesk Platform and it enables innovative investment and wealth products and solutions like Equities and ETF WealthBaskets from InvestorAi to reach millions of Indians with broking accounts.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new technologies, InvestorAi helps retail investors find hidden gems with the kind of technology and tools normally reserved for institutional investors. The AI generates individual stock recommendations with consistently high levels of success and combines these into baskets so that investors can Follow the Machine (FtM) rather than creating their own portfolios. InvestorAi has partnered with WealthDesk to make these FtM portfolios available on

Akshaya Bhargava, Chairman and Founder at Bridgeweave said, “The objective of InvestorAi is to make complex quantitative research accessible to the general public. We want to be at the forefront of the wealth enablement revolution, creating universal access to equity markets and subsequent wealth creation. Providing baskets alongside our single stock recommendations will help investors who want to own equities but lack the time or confidence to create individual portfolios. They can now choose to Follow the Machine!”

Ujjwal Jain, Founder and CEO at WealthDesk said, “We believe that as Indian equity markets expand, the ability to generate alpha consistently in portfolios will need a lot of elements of quantitative and machine learning-led models to build bridges between active and passive research styles. WealthDesk continues to partner with companies that are looking to drive this algorithmic innovation on the research side. We welcome Bridgeweave as a partner into the Unified Wealth Interface (UWI) ecosystem and look forward to helping them scale their research through WealthBaskets.”


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