ITHENA collaborates with Incorta to bring unparalleled data capabilities to India


ITHENA announced its partnership with Incorta – the Direct Data Platform – for Indian enterprises to unlock high-value data processing capabilities. The union will enable customers to import and analyse data with unparalleled speed and agility from every corner of their enterprise.

ITHENA’s Data Analytics and AI Practitioners make customers’ ERP systems scalable and faster by analysing live data and providing integrated reporting & analysis using a Data Lake approach. To keep up with the demand for rich insights, customers need a reporting system that is flexible, integrated, and customisable. ITHENA, together with Incorta’s Direct Data Platform, aims to bring an end-to-end self-service data experience to the Indian enterprises, empowering everyone in their organisation to make data-driven decisions with unmatched speed. By utilising the expertise of ITHENA’s AI framework and Incorta’s Direct Data Platform, companies can improve access, functionality, and performance, reduce cost, and increase scalability, transparency, and agility in their data initiatives.

“High-powered operational analytics is at the very core of digital transformation for the vast majority of organisations today,” said Steve Walden, EVP of Business Development & Strategy at Incorta. “ITHENA has the perfect combination of skills and expertise in Oracle & SAP ERP systems, big data & analytics, and AI & machine learning to help organisations make it possible with Incorta.”

“This partnership will strengthen the customer experience with unprecedented insight into their operations with AI-powered data analytics capabilities,” he added.

India is experiencing explosive growth in the data analytics industry due to the rise of internet users. As per World Bank report, Internet penetration doubled from 20% in 2018 to 41% in 2019 and is expected to add over 900 million users by 2025. This growth has pushed the data analytics industry with a significant increase in data collection for future potential use. The Indian data analytics industry already recorded a substantial 26.5% year-on-year growth in 2021, with the market value standing at US$ 45.4 billion. The partnership will focus on tapping into the market and channelising this growth for enterprises effectively and wisely.

Together with the Incorta Direct Data Platform, and the framework of ITHENA’s AI accelerator framework, it automatically produces models that can analyse bigger, more complex data and deliver faster, more accurate results– even on an enormous scale. This approach brings interconnectivity amongst disparate data sources, integrated automation, and real-time data exchange between machines, processes, and systems.

“ITHENA’s Data Analytics & AI expertise, and Incorta’s powerful platform capability, enable customers to provide easy access to complex and varied data sources with scale. ITHENA’s expertise on enterprise systems of records like Oracle and SAP, allows easy ingestion, integration, and analytical outcomes to customers using ERP cloud solutions to easily report, visualise and act on anomalies using the powerful Incorta platform.” said Probodh Chiplunkar, Partner at ITHENA.

“Furthermore, ITHENA’s AI algorithms library & framework accelerator enables customers to utilise the power of Incorta’s platform – to run & utilise ML outcomes in day to day reporting – making data science an integrated experience, rather than a disparate, sophisticated function.” he added.


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