iValue join forces with 1Kosmos to bring multi-factor authentication


iValue InfoSolutions announced their collaboration with 1Kosmos, a multi-factor authentication expert and a pioneer in delivering identity-proofed passwordless authentication for workforce and customers, powered by advanced biometrics and blockchain technology. The company was established by a team that has seen complete evolution of identity and access management over the last two decades and has an illustrious advisory board of former members of the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. 1Kosmos uses advanced biometrics and a private blockchain to perform identity-based authentication, securing online services from password-based attacks and seamless user experience .

“iValue’s association with 1Kosmos shows our allegiance to bring in prime tech services and solutions to the Indian market. With clients including Hitachi and Outseer, an RSA Company, 1Kosmos has nonpareil technology which offers the highest level of identity and authentication assurance in the market. We will continue to enable and empower our partners to serve the customers with effective solutions and operational models.” said Mr. Subodh Anchan, Vice President – Vendor Alliance, iValue InfoSolutions.

1Kosmos’ prime objective is to provide individuals with a secure digital identity that gives control of their credentials and enables service providers to use it with consent to fight identity fraud. The 1Kosmos BlockID platform deliversone of a kind solutions that combine indisputable digital identity proofing with advanced biometrics and passwordless authentication, while storing user data encrypted in a private, permissioned blockchain. The 1Kosmos product line includes BlockID Verify, BlockID Workforce and BlockID Customer, that help deliver superlative security for enterprises and individuals.

“Businesses in India today, are aggressively looking to upgrade their cybersecurity solutions to strengthen their access-management system and better secure their data and assets against all kinds of cyberattacks. iValue is a lionized partner as we look to expand in India. With over 6,000 customers across industry verticals and a wide range of products and solutions, iValue is an ideal strategic fit for us to introduce our innovative solutions to the Indian market” said Siddharth Gandhi, COO APAC at 1Kosmos.

The augmentation in connected devices and cloud adoption is leading to the constant evolution of threat intelligence. iValue InfoSolutions has and is helping organizations with digital asset protection, Data, Network and Application Management (DNA), digital transformation solution and work from home solutions. With a dedicated team of experts, iValue provides customized, flexible, scalable solutions based on the business requirements. iValue has been the best choice for companies to market their products and solutions, and address the growing business and IT demands irrespective of their verticals.


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