iValue Partners With CloudFX to Aid Cloud IT Transformation

iValue InfoSolutions, an Indian technology aggregator has announced a partnership with CloudFX, an Asia based cloud IT transformation leader serving global markets. iValue has maintained to stay ahead in the value chain by consistently partnering with the right mix of popular and niche technology providers thus helping customers in their IT transformation journey. As organizations are moving towards virtualization, iValue’s pan-India presence will aid this partnership to give enhanced benefits for its customers in terms of virtualization by helping them in identifying and nullifying threats, monitor and analyze performance, consolidate and automate IT infrastructure management, effectively manage hybrid cloud and manage or upgrade DCs.
“Traditional businesses have been evolving at un-precedented pace, with Information Technology at its core. Business agility, on-demand infrastructure scalability, optimized resource capacity, automated decision making and overall operational efficiency are key ingredients of today’s successful enterprise. Virtualization and cloud adoption have been compelling components of digital transformation and enabler for fourth industrial revolution. iValue believes it’s time to partner with specialists, like CloudFX to keep pace with technology evolution and serve our customers and partners effectively. CloudFX has demonstrated amazing leadership in last few years in conceptualizing, designing and operating cloud platform enabling digital cloud consumption, automation, management and billing through one single unified dashboard” said Harsh Marwah, Chief Growth Officer at iValue InfoSolutions.
Since inception, CloudFX has progressively helped its clients move their technology dependency from physical hardware and software storage devices to virtual machines and has guided its clients agnostically towards the cloud computing platforms that offered the best possible combinations of security, ease of transition and cost-effectiveness. CloudFX helps to integrate easily with existing client applications software and bring a higher standard of governance, compliance to clients, using the understanding of client priorities and staff’s experience gained over the last 10 years.
“Globally, mature cloud implementations are multiyear projects, should be ROI driven, with well-defined phases and eventually the project success depends on cloud management on going optimizations. Being on the cloud is the starting point of the journey whereas many treat this as end state. This is where unified ITaaS governance and management platforms support the organization through the various phases of its evolutionary journey. Our primary route to market is our strategic global partner ecosystem and today we are delighted to be in partnership with iValue, who are the leaders in technology aggregation with decades of experience to help optimize, protect & transform Digital Assets of Organizations of all sizes. In doing so, we are excited and focused in our investments and efforts on providing iValue with open, adaptable and cutting-edge platform capabilities delivering ITaaS. We will be unwavering in the support of your growth, enabling your success, eliminating complexity and cost conflicts should they arise in cloud transformation and helping you establish industry leading value-added services capabilities around your technology aggregation objectives of our platform suite,” said Prashant Wali, President-APAC at CloudFX.
iValue InfoSolutions helps organizations look at and reimagine their existing IT infrastructure smartly, efficiently and effectively. It has a capability set and experience helping organizations craft and develop seamless digital infrastructure solutions spanning the entire gamut of enterprise IT infrastructure needs. iValue InfoSolutions cutting-edge technology strengthens their portfolio benefiting its technology vendors along with their 700+ channel partners. iValue’s partnership with CloudFX is driven for providing an effortless transition to its customers from traditional working environment to cloud IT.
Cloud Management Platform (CMP), Digital Marketplace Platform (DMP) and SaaS Management Platform (SMP) are the three main transformation platforms on which CloudFX thrives:
Cloud Management Platform (CMP) – CMP has been adopted by several India based Global Systems Integrators (GSI) as their preferred hybrid and multi cloud management offering to enterprise customers.
Digital Marketplace Platform (DMP) – DMP is generating traction with North American Managed Service Providers (MSP), Value-Added Resellers (VAR) and Value-Added Distributors (VAD) and becoming increasingly relevant in a business environment in which sales revenue is being generated by a significant proportion of home based staff who need automated e-commerce platforms that perform end to end.
SaaS Management Platform (SMP) – SMP can be deployed with either the CMP or the DMP to minimize SaaS sprawl, shadow IT and non-productive investment in applications software that not only may be duplicated or redundant but also offers opportunities for security breaches that make organizations vulnerable to cyber-attacks.



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