iValue partners with IRONSCALES for Anti-phishing protection solutions


This partnership is in collaboration with SRC Cyber Solutions LLP, who are pioneers in introducing niche and next-gen cybersecurity solutions into the Indian market

iValue InfoSolutions has announced its strategic partnership with IRONSCALES, a pioneer in Anti-phishing email security using cutting edge AI-driven, self-learning security platform that provides a comprehensive solution to combat today’s and tomorrow’s phishing and spear phishing attacks.

This partnership is in collaboration with SRC Cyber Solutions LLP, who are pioneers in introducing niche and next-gen cybersecurity solutions into the Indian market.

Perimeter-level security is not enough to protect your enterprise from targeted attacks. Targeted and sophisticated attacks can slip through the gateways and lead to patient Zero in the enterprises, leading to potential compromise.

IRONSCALES is the leader in email security and anti-phishing technologies. Using a multi-layered and automated approach starting at the mailbox-level to prevent, detect and respond to today’s sophisticated email phishing attacks, IRONSCALES expedites the time from phishing attack discovery to enterprise wide remediation, reducing the time from detection to response from hours or days to just seconds or minutes, by significantly reducing the workload on incident responders.

“IRONSCALES is the most innovative email security solution with a comprehensive platform built on a Continuous Adaptive and Trust Assessment strategy. Partnership with IRONSCALES will enable iValue’ s partners and customers with one of the finest “Defense-in-Depth” email security and anti-Phishing technology, said Harsh Marwah, Chief Growth Officer at iValue InfoSolutions.

“iValue has been a force in the markets they operate in, and it gives IRONSCALES immense pleasure to be associated with a value-added distributor who boasts a rich partner eco-system serving enterprises across various industries. iValue’ s go-to-market strategy complements the IRONSCALES go-to-market strategy for our Anti-phishing email security offerings and we are excited to partner with them. Our self-learning email security platform combines human intelligence with innovative technology to combat tomorrow’s phishing attacks today. We are always striving to stay a step ahead of the attackers and at the same time make it easier for the security teams to detect and respond to any malicious activity. “, said in a joint statement by Eyal Benishti, CEO at IRONSCALES and Rohit Khandelwal of SRC Cyber Solutions. “We look forward to this partnership and to working very closely to seize opportunities and enhance our market position in the coming years”.

IRONSCALES offers a single platform with push-button protection for accelerated visibility and control for both security professionals and their end-users. This platform works from the inside out to protect your organization from any and all types of phishing attacks, especially those that get past traditional SEGs.

“We are currently in the age of ransomware, where slight cracks in our IT security can cost millions, which is not only due to ransom payments but the cost of downtime and replacement of compromised devices, which could be even higher. One of the easier ways to execute these tasks is through email attacks, which are not as complex compared to zero-day hacks. All a hacker requires are some clever social engineering to infect the network. iValue’s partnership with IRONSCALES will help in addressing our customers’ email security challenge by leveraging on both AI and real-time human intelligence to stay ahead of new threats”, said Nagesh Belur, Lead – Marketing & Digital Sales at iValue InfoSolutions.

“IRONSCALES is a comprehensive email security platform, designed to quickly detect nefarious emails slipping through traditional anti-phishing defenses, responding to them automatically in seconds, blocking them for good. A single platform with push-button protection, giving you simplicity and speed for accelerated visibility and control that works from the inside out to protect you from any and all types of phishing attacks,” added Nagesh.

IRONSCALES integrates seamlessly with Office 365, Exchange, and G Suite, deploying organization-wide in minutes, with no MX record changes or complex configurations required. IRONSCALES is a comprehensive platform designed to quickly detect bad emails slipping through the prevention layer and responding to them automatically in seconds, blocking them for good.


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