Jabra launches Evolve2 headset range


Jabra has launched Evolve2 range to enhance productivity in the office. The range consists of the Evolve2 85, Evolve2 65, and Evolve2 40 and is engineered to transform concentration, collaboration and flexibility in the workplace. By blocking out more noise, providing better voice clarity, bringing distributed teams together, giving people the power to work from anywhere, and monitoring data to enable intelligent decision-making, the Evolve2 is the new standard to elevate office productivity to new heights. The headsets work with all leading UC platforms as well as pending certification for Microsoft Teams.

Since Jabra’s Evolve range first hit the market in 2014, office work has changed significantly. Tasks are increasing in complexity and are creating a higher need for collaboration which makes people spend more time in collaboration mode compared to concentration mode. This causes an increase of distractions and noise in the office. As a result workplace productivity remains a constant battle for businesses globally.

Fuelled by 150 years of audio engineering excellence, Jabra has a proven track record in sound engineering. Compared to Jabra’s existing Evolve range, the new leading product Evolve2 85 is a purely digital headset that delivers 50% better noise cancellation via the Digital Hybrid ANC and noise isolating ear cushions with memory foam. The voice performance is powered by 40% better transmitted audio and double the voice distractor performance, which delivers a distinct focus on the user’s voice while cancelling distracting voices around the user. This focus is partly achieved via the 10 microphones that ensure both voice clarity and ANC – for speaking in even the nosiest environments.

The products within the range feature 360-degree visibility of the Jabra signature busy light on both ear cups to clearly signal concentration mode whilst working autonomously. Additionally, the wireless headsets in the range can be connected to all mobile devices. For these, the Jabra Sound+ App ensures a personalised and fully utilised audio experience.

Peter Jayaseelan, Managing Director, South Asia at Jabra said: “In today’s times when collaboration and remote working is on the rise, productivity emerges as a major challenge due to constant distractions at workplace. For such scenarios, we are introducing the Evolve2 headset range which is the perfect solution to enhance productivity, transform concentration and increase flexibility in the workplace. We are confident that with the Evolve2 range we’re creating a new standard in headsets for the modern office worker.”

The Jabra Evolve2 range will be available from May 2020 through Jabra authorised resellers and www.jabra.in. The Evolve2 85 and Evolve2 65 will be available in two colours: Black and Beige. The Evolve2 40 will be available in black.
Evolve2 85 Stereo MRP INR 55,101
Evolve2 65 Stereo MRP INR 30,557
Evolve2 65 Mono MRP INR 29,330
Evolve2 40 Stereo MRP INR 17,058
Evolve2 40 Mono MRP INR 15,831


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