JFrog ties up with Softline India to accelerate DevOps and DevSecOps adoption


JFrog announced a new partnership with Softline India, Ltd., a global provider of IT solutions and services, to help companies in India seamlessly and securely deliver software updates from distributed development environments all the way to the edge. Starting immediately, organizations in India will be able to purchase the JFrog Platform through Softline India, Ltd., while also benefiting from Softline’s full range of consulting services spanning secure asset management, asset profiling, vulnerability management, open source library management, security and governance processes.

“Partnering with Softline India made perfect sense given its excellent range of services and reputation for top-notch client service,” said Kavita Viswanath, General Manager, JFrog India. “The combination of JFrog DevOps technologies with Softline India’s wide network of highly-skilled professionals and repertoire of business-focused services, will help ensure developers, business leaders, and security professionals can instantly respond to new and quickly evolving business objectives and technology requirements. As the Indian DevOps market continues to mature, this partnership will ensure accessibility of leading solutions across verticals.”

According to IDC, Indian enterprises are continuing their digital transformation initiatives with a clear focus on scalable, secure, and agile frameworks. As a result, the corresponding software markets are experiencing accelerated growth with estimates forecasting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.0% between 2020–2025.

In an age where companies and their products run on software – and developers within those companies need scalable solutions they can use to confidently update software in real-time an end-to-end platform becomes a must and mission critical to all organizations. Together, JFrog and Softline India, Ltd. will provide customers with a complete, secure, automated DevOps platform that scales to meet changing business needs in a multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-prem environment.

“At Softline India, our goal is always to delight our customers with solid, new-age technologies that scale to meet their evolving business needs over time,” said Vinod Nair, Managing Director at Softline India. “We’re thrilled to partner with JFrog on delivering effective, scalable, and secure DevOps solutions that will help make customers’ lives easier, while successfully meeting their business and digital transformation objectives.”

For midsize to large businesses and independent organizations, our partnership enables Softline India, Ltd. to provide its customers with the complete JFrog Platform, including:

  • DevOps – JFrog Artifactory: Universal binary repository that functions as a single source of truth for all types of software packages that follow the DevOps lifecycle from development to deployment. JFrog Artifactory is the world’s standard maker when it comes to binary management including Docker, Maven, npm, Python and 20+ more software languages.
  • DevSecOps – JFrog Xray: A software composition analysis tool that integrates security directly into your DevOps workflows, enabling you to deliver trusted software releases faster.
  • CI/CD – JFrog Pipelines: Enables CI/CD as an integral part of the platform to automate DevOps processes for all teams and tools so that teams can release software updates quickly across their CI/CD pipelines.
  • Software Distribution – JFrog Distribution: Helps customers securely package production artifacts and rapidly distribute software around the world.
  • Administration and Monitoring – JFrog Mission Control & Insight: This dashboard provides a bird’s-eye view of JFrog Platform services, delivery visibility and metrics across your geographically dispersed sites.


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