Juniper Networks joins Softbank’s 5G Consortium


Juniper Networks announced that it has joined the Softbank 5G Consortium established by Softbank Corp. as a founding member, having been named as a 5G-related partner. As long-time partners, Juniper Networks and Softbank have journeyed and grown together over the years into the 5G era. In particular, Juniper’s automated and secure IP networking solutions, including its flagship MX Series Universal Routing Platforms, play a crucial role in the development of Softbank’s 5G infrastructure. This solution offers strong scalability, reliability and flexibility, which are all key to Softbank’s 5G networking demands and requirements such as Network Slicing with SRv6.

The Softbank 5G Consortium brings together partners, operators, industry experts and companies in 5G-related fields, to collaborate alongside Softbank on proof-of-concept demonstrations aimed at addressing the commercialization and adoption of 5G solutions across various industry verticals

“Juniper Networks is delighted to build on our long-running relationship to partner with Softbank into the 5G era. Alongside Softbank and the other members of the Softbank 5G Consortium, we look forward to accelerating the development, commercialization and adoption of 5G solutions – and to continue delivering the superior networking experiences that will transform the way people connect, work and live.” – Raghavendra Mallya, Vice President, Platform Engineering, Juniper Networks


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