K7 Computing strengthens sales and marketing team for consumer business


K7 Computing has unveiled a revamped go-to-market strategy to expand its consumer market presence by aligning its sales and marketing game plans with the changing dynamics of the consumer market.

A sales team headed by Dinesh David as the National Head of the Consumer business along with 100 new sales associates has been put in place to spearhead the new strategy.

Speaking on the updated approach, J Kesavardhanan, Founder and CEO of K7 Computing, said, “How consumers buy products is evolving rapidly and a dynamic organisation like K7 has continuously reoriented itself to meet customers’ expectations. We will pursue an omni-channel marketing strategy that will leverage large format retail, online marketplaces, and partner networks to help customers discover, acquire, and experience our products in a way that is most convenient to them. We have aligned sales and marketing initiatives with this effort, and we are confident that our brand, product, and demand generation strategies will allow us to significantly increase our market share.”
The changing market landscape includes the impact of COVID-19, which has disrupted traditional supply chains and necessitated creation of new delivery channels that follow new health protocols.

K7 Computing has created a partner portal: https://www.k7computing.com/accounts/partner-signup, that enables partners to buy product keys online from K7, reducing physical touchpoints and improving customer safety.

“Change is the only constant, whether it is with regard to cyberthreats or market dynamics. K7 Computing has been constantly growing because we have always embraced change and have been ready to innovate, reengineer and invent to deliver total security through our products. Customer safety, from both digital and biological viruses, is our priority and the new framework we have created for the consumer market reflects the culture of safe and sustainable growth that we have fostered at K7 as we constantly seek to add value to customers, partners and other stakeholders,” added J Kesavardhanan.

K7 Computing is committed to countering the increase in cyberattacks as the world transitions to a new normal of digitally enabled working, learning, shopping, and socialising, by improving the consumer market’s access to effective and efficient cyber security.


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