Kaspersky India appoints Rohit Sood for Government segment


Global cybersecurity giant Kaspersky has appointed Rohit Sood as their Business Manager exclusively for Government segment and Smart Cities for India region in November. The new hiring is a part of Kaspersky’s strategy to strengthen its hold over the government sector in the country by trying to get new business from the sector.

The growing number of complex threats targeted at the government institutions/ personnel has made cyber defence an important move for India. The need and demand for cybersecurity in the country today is more than ever witnessed. Especially for government bodies and institutions that need to store huge sensitive data and have become a popular target for APT groups targeting them with ransomware, state sponsored attacks, DDoS attacks, and zero-day attacks to name a few. In his new role at Kaspersky, Rohit Sood will be predominantly focusing on the needs of the government sector, and by aiding the sector in deploying the accurate solutions he will be able to create business opportunities for Kaspersky while achieving a substantial growth for the company in India.

Under the leadership of Dipesh Kaura, General Manager, Kaspersky (South Asia), Mr. Rohit Sood will be closely working with the Kaspersky India team and will be based out of Delhi. He will majorly be responsible for acquiring new business accounts form the government sector and exploring new service opportunities for the company by identifying the security needs of various government bodies and institutions. With his vast experience in handling extensive contracts and government projects, the company looks forward to his endeavours of capitalizing big business opportunities for Kaspersky in this sector.

Commenting on his new journey with Kaspersky, Rohit Sood said, “In my 23 years of work experience, I have had the chance to work with renowned Information Technology companies that have played a major role in my professional growth. Today as I begin my new journey with one of the finest and most prestigious company in the cybersecurity industry – Kaspersky, my belief is that we together would be able to achieve greater goals and successfully expand the company’s reach. My main focus will be to attract new business from the government sector and smart cities and create a strong partnership/ association between Kaspersky and our customers. I recognize that Kaspersky has a great potential to shine in this sector, especially because of its global intelligence and expertise. I am very excited to join the Kaspersky team and work hard towards building a secure digital world together.”

With his versatile work experience and strong connections within the industry, Rohit will be dedicated towards accomplishing the defined targets of obtaining new business accounts in the government sector and will assure the establishment of a much stronger network for Kaspersky in India.

Mr. Dipesh Kaura, General Manager, Kaspersky (South Asia) said welcoming Rohit onboard, “We look forward to working with Rohit and are excited to deploy his expertise to expand our business in the government and enterprise sector. His vast experience and powerful relationships within various sectors will help us to explore the numerous opportunities that await us. He will work with us in strengthening the team and look at new growth objectives for Kaspersky.”

“With the current situation where the need and demand for cybersecurity by companies and government institutions has massively increased, we strive to make cybersecurity for a Digital India our priority, and aim to achieve cybersecurity awareness amongst the people and organizations, in association with the Government authorities of India”, he adds.


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