Kaspersky launches new reward program- Force 1.0 for B2C partners and resellers


Kaspersky has announced their latest partner reward program for their B2C partners and resellers in India. Apprehending their partners’ ongoing situation in the wake of the nationwide lockdowns and chaos, Kaspersky supports their partners and resellers with the help of their latest initiative – Force 1.0, an application that will help the partners to manage Kaspersky consumer solutions and earn rewards in a very easy and convenient fashion. The app system is put together by Kaspersky India in order to help the partners to empower, engage and earn while growing their businesses across the nation.

India is one of the fastest growing economy and is progressively embracing digitalization while promoting its local businesses to grow more than ever. Keeping in mind the national Vocal for Local initiative announced by Government this year, Kaspersky too has decided to introduce this program for its B2C partners across the country to support the local partners in growing and expanding their business via the digital and omni channel route, and giving a boost to the local businesses in India.

Kaspersky being the first to recognize the problems faced by the partner community, decided to encourage them to grow digitally and make sure that the ongoing situation does not affect their businesses in any way. Force 1.0 is aimed at helping partners to generate sales using digital platform and boost their revenues even in situations like the nationwide lockdowns that the country witnessed due to the novel corona pandemic.

“We at Kaspersky, have been in constant touch with our partners and resellers since the past 6 months and despite inevitable physical obstacles for the purpose of a secure future, we have developed this app and program to help our resellers embrace the newer technologies and progress further in the digital age. The program would help our partner and resellers create a holistic sales approach and improve inventory sourcing thus increasing their sales and revenue even in the current situation. We believe that this step of taking their business online will also help local businesses expand and grow their profits across the region”, explained Dipesh Kaura, General Manager for South Asia, Kaspersky.

The program is set to help the B2C partners empower themselves in diverse ways. Through the Force application system, resellers will be able to track their inventory and sales, order new products, as well as deliver the products to the consumers through an e-code system, ensuring a contactless delivery. Customers will also be able to easily locate their nearest resellers who are registered with the app and purchase the retails products, thus magnifying the local businesses.

The app will also enhance the engagement between resellers and Kaspersky, as resellers will constantly be updated with the most recent communications, new schemes and latest customer promotions announced by Kaspersky through app notifications. The ‘Knowledge & Learn’ section of the app will provide an access to the resellers to various resources for B2C product knowledge including product demo videos that will help the resellers interact with their consumers better and keep them engaged with Kaspersky.

The app also has a reward system in place where resellers can earn points on sale and activation of products, which can be accumulated and redeemed by them at the end of every month. These rewards can be redeemed on products bought by the resellers from Kaspersky’s authorized national B2C distributor Supertron Electronics only.

“By announcing Force 1.0 application, we want to assure our partners that we are a 100% with them in facing any situation that comes up, just like they have been supporting us through all these years. We look forward to a great participation from our resellers and partners across the nation and, we hope that Force 1.0 would help them grow and empower in as many ways as possible. This partner program is our way of expressing our gratitude towards our partners who have provided us with their constant support while Kaspersky grew as a cybersecurity brand in South Asia”, said Purshottam Bhatia, Head of Consumer Business (South Asia), Kaspersky.

Kaspersky is all set to bring on the future for its partners by helping them grow beyond their set limit and make the virtual world a safe and secure place for their customers. Force 1.0 will be launched for all the resellers and regional distributors from today.


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