Klassify Technology helping enterprises identify and protect critical data

Sukhpal Singh Sandhu, Director, Klassify Technology

Klassify Technology is an information security provider, serving medium and large enterprises across industry verticals. Enterprises across industries are baffling with business-critical data exfiltration challenge which leads to infringement of their agreements, contracts, and regulatory compliances. Usually, the data security teams start deploying data protection controls without evaluating and realising business data’s critical nature. Thus, to define and deploy an effective data protection programme, it is strongly advised to first identify the critical data, and further define its sensitivity before applying the appropriate data security control.

Klassify team consists of industry veterans with over 25 years of experience in the domain of information security.

“Klassify Technology’s data discovery and data classification platform helps enterprises to identify their critical business data location with insights. The platform helps enterprises to define the sensitivity of critical data by classifying the data. After identification and classification of critical data. It becomes easy for the data security and privacy teams to decide on the data protection controls which are required for effective data protection and to reduce data exfiltration risk. Klassify platform is built on the vision of ‘making data smart by default, and secure by default’,” explains Sukhpal Singh Sandhu, Director, Klassify Technology.

As more focus is shifting to the privacy domain, Klassify Technology is also aligning its focus on the new and existing data privacy regulations. Klassify data discovery and compliance platform can help enterprises to discover the PII data and maintain compliance with various data privacy regulations like PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, etc.

“Our plans are to upgrade our existing platform into a cloud-based SAAS platform which gives more flexibility to customers,” he adds.

Leadership teams in enterprises are fighting a two-front war – with compliances and adversaries. “Klassify platform focuses on the most critical asset of any organisation, which is data. We are helping enterprises to discover, classify, protect, monitor their business-critical data at rest, in use, or in motion,” states Sandhu.

Klassify’s unified data discovery and data classification platform offers value to customers with a single platform. Customers can discover, classify, protect, and monitor their business-critical data on multiple data repositories across their enterprise.

Adoption of cloud platforms is constantly increasing, and data privacy issues are becoming prominent as customers are moving to cloud. Customers are struggling to identify the data which they can safely move to cloud and remain compliant with various regulations.

“We are aggressively on-boarding new cloud platforms and SaaS applications to help customers identify their business-critical and PII data which may be stored in the cloud platforms and apps. Our platform is ready to discover PII data stored in different storage points across enterprises and help them meet the requirements of all different regulations,” he adds.

Gradually, Klassify is upgrading its platform to a complete data governance platform delivered through SaaS. This will be a single pane of glass to help enterprises address their internal and external regulatory requirements and ensure data security programmes are more effective and efficient.


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