Lenovo celebrates 30th anniversary of ThinkSystem Innovation


Lenovo announced the most comprehensive portfolio enhancement in its history, unveiling new end-to-end infrastructure solutions and services optimized to accelerate global IT modernization with advanced performance, security and sustainable computing capabilities. The new Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions V3 portfolio delivers industry-leading innovations to help companies of all sizes more easily deploy and manage hybrid multi-cloud and edge environments, as well as traditional and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads across retail, manufacturing, financial, healthcare, telecom industries and more.

The introduction celebrates the 30th anniversary of the ThinkSystem x86 server, a pivotal breakthrough in enterprise computing technology that enabled an open ecosystem for innovation and propelled businesses into the modern information era. Today, as global digitalization accelerates, Lenovo’s new Infrastructure Solutions V3 portfolio provides a unique open architecture with advanced management, superior reliability and extended security to help companies harness the new era of IT.

“Since inception, Lenovo has been a catalyst for major infrastructure developments across established and emerging industries worldwide. Our 30 years of legacy has been built upon our long-standing reputation for quality and reliability,” said Sumir Bhatia, President – APAC, Lenovo ISG. “Addressing business challenges in the Smart Normal requires Smarter Technology. We are offering the most extensive portfolio of product advancements with industry-leading performance, scalability, security, and sustainability that will help customers solve humanity’s greatest challenges. This offering is another step forward in our endeavor of becoming the trusted partner of choice in Asia and world over.”

“In a rapidly changing business environment, IT solutions need to evolve as fast as businesses do. Lenovo’s new Infrastructure Solutions V3 provide customers with the ultimate flexibility, reliability, and performance to meet the ever-growing workload requirements in India,” said Amit Luthra, Managing Director – India at Lenovo ISG. “We are committed to delivering robust IT infrastructure to help our customers succeed. New enhancements to ThinkSystem, ThinkAgile, and ThinkEdge servers will revolutionize the way we enable our customers in India to leverage technology to accelerate their digital transformation goals and innovations.”

 Innovation for the New Era of IT

With data creation expected to double by 2025, the new era of IT reflects the demand for computing everywhere. Customers need a new IT architecture that spans client-edge-network-cloud-intelligence to help them harness data and create insights that can transform their businesses. The Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions V3 portfolio encompasses the next generation of ThinkSystemThinkAgile, and ThinkEdge servers and storage systems, recognized as the industry’s most reliable and secure systems. Supported by next-generation AMD EPYC ™, Intel® Xeon® Scalable and Arm-based processors, as well as AMD Instinct and NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, Lenovo customers can execute high-performance computing, AI and mission-critical business workloads across hybrid multi-cloud compute environments.

Optimized Solutions for Intelligent Transformation  

As organizations continue to build out their hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures, they require robust solutions with agile deployment capabilities across a global open cloud architecture. Engineered to help generate faster insights from complex data, Lenovo’s optimized solutions provide integrated hardware, software and services designed to provide organizations of all sizes with an out-of-the box experience that is easy to deploy and purpose built for specific applications and workloads.

Lenovo’s next-generation of ThinkAgile V3 hyperconverged infrastructure solutions are pre-integrated with an open ecosystem of partners, including Microsoft, Nutanix and VMware software capabilities, and available via TruScale Infrastructure as a Service for ultimate flexibility. Customers can combine the convenience of a cloud-like experience with the security and control of traditional on-premises solutions.

Among the new solutions, there are three new Lenovo Microsoft Azure Solutions: SQL for AI and Machine Learning (ML) Insights, Backup and Recovery and Azure Virtual Desktop. For example, the AI and ML Insights solution delivers a pivotal application platform for data science. Leveraging the Lenovo ThinkAgile MX system and SQL Server’s stored procedure capabilities, data scientists and database developers can now run their ML scripts where the data resides. This eliminates the costly, time consuming and risky need to move data from storage to testing applications across the network, ultimately improving AI and ML performance, security and outcomes. The solutions are optimized to bring any business to the cloud and enable enterprise AI for everyone. Small businesses, such as doctors’ offices, retail spaces or branch offices can run hybrid cloud environments from the edge while leveraging a consumption-based price model.

This new solutions ecosystem helps organizations confidently deploy AI with a broad range of support for customers looking to take AI from concept to reality, including through the recently announced Lenovo AI Innovators program, which provides a one-stop shop to help independent software vendors (ISVs) and their customers simplify implementation. Recently, Lenovo worked with Kroger to help reduce customer friction and stock losses at self-service checkouts with Everseen’s Visual AI platform, enabled by Lenovo’s AI retail solutions and powerful servers, and the latest NVIDIA GPUs.

Enhanced edge automation capabilities also make it easier than ever to support data-based decisions at the speed of business. The new Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-a) version 2.5 securely authenticates and activates leading ThinkEdge AI servers on site via a phone, accelerating business insights with a fully operational edge system within minutes or hours.

Lenovo also enables customers to leverage existing resources while scaling for comprehensive future growth with the new TruScale for HPC XtraRack solution, a flexible, on-premises solution that addresses the need to maximize HPC cluster resources and control shared access while providing faster business insights with elastic compute resources delivered as-a-Service.

IT Modernization at a Global Scale

For businesses today, safeguarding customer and company data while meeting regulatory compliance continues to be an essential requirement. Modern IT infrastructures must be fortified against increasingly sophisticated security threats and support the highest levels of business continuity. Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions V3 includes enhanced ThinkShield Security capabilities, available with the industry’s most modern infrastructure security capabilities for enhanced IT resiliency. Lenovo’s Modular Root of Trust helps protect, detect and recover from cyberattacks and digital compromises with bolstered tamper-detection and monitoring embedded into the chip design, while Lenovo System Guard ensures heightened security between manufacturing, delivery and deployment with advanced hardware monitoring. Lenovo’s supply chain tamper mitigation is also compliant with the industry’s most stringent security standards.

Beyond security, Lenovo’s globally engineered supply chain, ranked ninth in the world of all companies by Gartner, ensures systems are manufactured and delivered with efficiency and proximity of deployment. With a leading, localized manufacturing and supply chain, Lenovo meets local requirements while helping to reduce the product’s carbon footprint. Lenovo has expanded its global reach, servicing over 180 markets with 35+ manufacturing facilities, including its first European in-house manufacturing facility recently opened in Hungary.

The new Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions V3 and ThinkSystem anniversary coincides with Lenovo’s iconic ThinkPad anniversary, commemorating 30 years of design and engineering innovation and demonstrating Lenovo’s evolution as a technology powerhouse.


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