Lenovo unveils ThinkSystem V4 with Intel to supercharge AI-driven performance


Lenovo announced the Lenovo ThinkSystem V4 portfolio of Intel-based solutions, powered by Intel Xeon 6 processors that are designed to make AI accessible while flexibly matching the specific workload needs of any business. The portfolio includes new AI-enabled solutions that ensure the right mix of AI is available to help customers seamlessly integrate AI into their workflows. It also features new servers that are purpose-built and optimised to maximise performance and efficiency for targeted workloads.

Additionally, new AI-powered Lenovo Systems Management solutions now use Generative AI to automate and simplify deployment and configuration across increasingly distributed computing networks. Together, the next generation ThinkSystem V4 portfolio unlocks enterprise-specific data, supporting operational decision-making, improving management efficiency, and boosting productivity while protecting information.

Sumir Bhatia, President of Lenovo ISG AP, stated, “Lenovo and Intel have a long history of innovation, transforming data centres with hybrid cloud and edge technologies. We’re excited to launch the Lenovo ThinkSystem V4 with Intel, designed to make AI accessible, equitable, and inclusive at every stage of development and application. This next-gen infrastructure embodies our vision of ‘Smarter AI for All,’ offering unmatched performance and accessibility to help businesses leverage hybrid AI infrastructure and maximise data value.”

“AI adoption in India is accelerating, with 95% of CIOs recognising its competitive edge. Lenovo is committed to meeting this demand by offering purpose-built AI solutions to customers. Our new Think System portfolio embodies this commitment and is engineered to help Indian businesses harness AI to analyse data, make informed decisions, and enhance efficiency and productivity, while safeguarding critical information. Given its transformative potential, aligning AI with business objectives is more crucial than ever for India’s Techade success and achieving tangible national value,” said Amit Luthra, MD – India, Lenovo ISG.

Workloads optimised for every business needs

The Lenovo ThinkSystem V4 portfolio is making the path to AI more accessible for every business with advanced performance, efficiency and management capabilities. As part of the portfolio, Lenovo introduced the new ThinkSystem servers optimised for rack density and massive transactional data, maximising processing performance in the data centre space for enterprises, CSPs, high-performance compute and telcos. Leveraging Lenovo purpose-built engineering and the Intel Xeon processors, the ThinkSystem V4 portfolio provide over 4x more cores per rack, with an increased performance of 4.3x.

The new Lenovo ThinkSystem SD520 V4 server provides extreme rack density and efficiency, with up to 225% more cores in a 2U chassis for ultra-dense processing capabilities and up to 3.18 times more throughput for an increased number of web transactions. With three times more storage than the previous version, the platform delivers more memory bandwidth that is ideal for compute-intensive transactional workloads to deliver faster insights in online banking, e-retail, and CSPs.

Additionally, the new Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630 V4 reimagines power for cloud-scale, Telco 5G Core and ecommerce workloads, maximising performance per rack with up to 42% faster media transcoding.4 Leveraging the server, customers can reduce costs by streamlining management processes, reducing downtime, and optimising resource utilisation. Featuring Intel’s innovative E-Core that reduces power consumption while maximising performance for Telco Core applications, the SR630 V4 is engineered with enhanced performance and workload optimisation that offers up to two times application bandwidth improvement5 facilitated by PCIe 5 IO and DDR5 memory.

As the new era of AI evolves, Lenovo infrastructure is designed from the ground up so customers can focus on innovation with peace of mind. Ranked #1 in x86 security by ITIC for 5 straight years, Lenovo ThinkSystem servers are fortified against increasingly sophisticated security threats and support the highest levels of business continuity, including NIST SP800-193 Platform Firmware Resiliency (PFR). Additionally, AI-powered code inspection for firmware and the latest compliance standards increase security out of the box to ward off next-level threats.

Extending Liquid Cooling to Accelerate Innovation

Lenovo has led the world in energy-efficient computing with liquid cooling for more than a decade. As organisations continue to increase computing capabilities for smarter outcomes, Lenovo Neptune liquid-cooling innovation helps meet the high performance demanded by AI while lowering power consumption up to 40% by using liquid to remove heat. With ThinkSystem V4, Lenovo Neptune Liquid-cooling technology is available to reduce power consumption on a larger number of multi-node, traditional enterprise, HPC, and AI-optimised servers, helping businesses of any size achieve the computing power needed to compete and advance with AI without compromise.

The Right Mix of AI from the Edge to the Cloud

Lenovo has the industry’s most comprehensive AI-enabled portfolio from edge to cloud with the right mix of GPUs, CPUs, software, and support. The new Intel Xeon 6 helps make AI accessible at every level with efficient and fast processing that can handle the most demanding workloads before needing to add discrete accelerators. With Intel processors and Lenovo purpose-built engineering, the new V4 infrastructure portfolio is designed to increase the accessibility of AI workloads at any scale. It provides solutions for CPU enabled AI inferencing on models up to 20 billion parameters, and CPU+GPU solutions for mainstream AI workloads, up to GPU rich solutions for modelling and training for > 175 billion parameters.

To empower businesses and accelerate success with AI adoption, Lenovo has also introduced Lenovo AI Advisory and Professional Services that offer a breadth of services, solutions and platforms to help businesses of all sizes find the right solutions to put AI to work quickly, cost-effectively and at scale.

AI-Powered Systems Management

As hybrid intelligent infrastructure rolls out, the demand for design, deployment, management, and maintenance requires tailored solutions that reduce complexity. Lenovo’s new AIOps Systems Management uses generative AI to help customers know what is needed before they need it. Customers can easily deploy solutions in up to two-days via a single pane of glass from datacenter to edge and using a Zero Trust Architecture and Management Hub 2.0 that minimises the security attack surface.

The newly enhanced XClarity One powered with AI3 AIOps is the industry’s first hybrid cloud-based unified Management-as-a-Service. The solution offers three predictive failure analytics engines to swiftly identify potential issues and minimise system downtime becoming more accurate:

  • AI3-Powered Predictive Failure Analytics: predictive hardware failure detection and continuous improvement through Gen AI  
  • AI3-Powered Call Home: proactive issue resolution by automatically opening support tickets and sending error reports
  • AI3-Powered Premiere support (Smarter Support): AI automatically dispatches parts and services, reducing service costs and minimising downtime

With today’s computing power more evenly distributed across the cloud, edge, and devices, deploying AI and enterprise solutions requires a multi-layer, hybrid AI infrastructure that spans “Client-Edge-Cloud-Network-Intelligence” for enterprise customers. From smart devices to intelligent infrastructure and complete services, Lenovo continues to push the boundaries of innovation with new innovative solutions that deliver advanced computing from the pocket to the far edge, enabling Smarter AI for All with simplified, flexible deployment and enhanced security features.


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