Lenskart chose NxtGen’s datacenter services to scale its infrastructure


NxtGen Datacenter and Cloud Technologies has offered its colocation datacenter services to Lenskart, India’s fastest growing eyewear company. Lenskart was looking for a turnkey solution that would help them optimize their infrastructure spending and also host their Dev and QA workloads. NxtGen helped Lenskart to build an IT infrastructure that is future-ready so that it can keep pace with the changing business needs and support future requirements.

As a growing E-commerce company, Lenskart was facing challenges with its scaling infrastructural needs therefore, the company was seeking a Cloud Service Provider which could offer Datacenter services that could support the agility of deployment on the cloud. NxtGen offered a managed colocation facility for Lenskart’s IT infrastructure to help them host various internal applications. Having an internal DevOps team facilitated Lenskart to leverage NxtGen’s platform where today most of their Dev and QA workloads are hosted. Further, Lenskart could now optimize their DevOps and Test environments along with creating and removing VMs instances on the go and as per business needs. NxtGen’s managed cloud service offerings facilitated proactive monitoring & alerts for the deployment, further providing visibility into the infrastructure utilization.

Mr Rajesh Dangi, Chief Digital Officer, NxtGen Datacenter and Cloud Technologies said, “We are glad that our services helped Lenskart to scale their infrastructure. Lenskart is India’s tech-savvy eyewear company and now they have adopted NxtGen’s solution approach to building more technology solutions to become future-ready. Their goal aligns well with our vision of building a tech efficient future. The game-changing advantage for Lenskart after utilizing NxtGen’s AI-ready cloud platform is flexibility and scalability.”

Lenskart also leveraged NxtGen’s Kubernetes PaaS platform to utilize containerized workloads for edge-based deployments, the hybrid solution between the cloud and container instances, which provided agility and integration of different technologies with ease. Lenskart was able to reduce the cost of their infrastructure spend by almost 25% post-migration from the existing CSP to NxtGen Cloud.

“NxtGen has been a key success partner for Lenskart. We were looking for a solution to help us optimize our infrastructure cost, NxtGen has been really helpful in that. We have moved our partial workload on NxtGen. We have also started leveraging their Kubernetes service platform where we are moving all our integration workloads”, said Rajdeep Bhattacharya, Head of DevOps, Lenskart.



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