LG Innotek develops 1st automotive Wi-Fi 6E module

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LG Innotek, a major electronics parts maker in South Korea, said on Tuesday that it has developed an automotive Wi-Fi module with advanced wireless communication technology as the company eyes to expand its presence in the future mobility market.

LG Innotek claimed its latest automotive Wi-Fi module is the industry’s first to be based on the next-generation Wi-Fi 6E (6th Generation Extended) technology using 6 GHz bandwidth.

The company said it expects to commercialise the Wi-Fi 6E module in 2022.

The automotive Wi-Fi6E module is a near-field wireless communications component connecting in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems to smart devices and external routers. The module combines a communications chipset, a radio frequency circuit and other components.

LG Innotek said its module has a data transmission speed of 1.2 gigabits per second, which is roughly three times faster than the existing Wi-Fi 5. It takes only 2 milliseconds to connect to the network, which is seven times faster than the previous ones.

Such communication performance will deliver seamless connectivity to passengers, allowing them to enjoy high-definition movies and games on the in-vehicle display or audio system, according to the company.

LG Innotek said the product also boasts enhanced durability as it can withstand temperature changes between -40 degree Celsius and 85 degree Celsius. It was developed with a larger synapse surface design to cope with repeated shrinking and swelling.

The company added its automotive Wi-Fi 6E module also has a small and slim form factor and is compatible with existing modules, reports Yonhap news agency.

With the latest product, LG Innotek said it eyes to become a leading company in the automotive communications component market that is currently dominated by Japanese firms.


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