Lockdown period helped us grow business, say digital marketers


During the time of Covid-19 pandemic when most of enterprises have cut down on traditional marketing and publicity spend, the scope of digital marketing has increased manifold as target audiences are home in social distancing times and remaining online for more hours has become the new normal, some leading digital marketers said.

While lockdown has done serious damage to a lot of businesses, there are some for whom it has become an opportunity and digital marketing agencies are one of them.

“With the world being connected via Internet, things were gung-ho in the digital marketing world using the right digital strategies to reach out to people,” said Kapil Jain, Founder of Graphitto, a Mumbai-based digital agency.

“For the survival of business operations, we are considering each and every step about our future business operations, including burn-rate, debts servicing cost, sales forecasts, supply-chain challenges, team headcount reduction, and optimizing capital spending,” Jain added.

According to Sudhanshu Kumar, MD of Digital Sukoon digital marketing agency, they are in a relatively better position to withstand the lockdown impact.

“We used the time really well and understood the fact that lockdown is going to increase consumption of data in India and we had to put our clients where the audience was. We managed to bridge the gap with all the hard work from our teams while adhering to the norms,” said Kumar.

Digital Sukoon is handling digital promotion for Prakash Jha Productions, Rohit Shetty Pictures, Pooja Entertainment and Panorama Studios, among others, along with artists and popular influencers.

Digital Sukoon is among few firms that has retained entire staff and helped them in need.

“These are an unprecedented time for everyone and we at Digital Sukoon would love to help out people as much as we possibly can,” said Kumar.

India’s Internet consumption rose by 13-14 per cent since the nationwide lockdown was put in place.

According to Anoop Mishra, Co-founder of Publicity Mantra, a strategic marketing and brand communication agency, usually an average company invests two-three per cent of their total marketing budget on digital platforms but since online time per user has increased, companies can pay more attention to it and this is going to be a good opportunity for digital marketers.

“If we talk about Internet users and consumers, we are going to experience more ad floats and digital agencies reaching out to more customers seamlessly,” said Mishra who has also launched OnlyforStartups.com to support and guide the early startups in India.



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