LocoNav partners with Locus to enable digital transformation in the global logistics industry


LocoNav announced a strategic partnership with Locus. As per an IMARC Group Report, the global logistics market is pegged to reach US$ 6.55 Trillion by 2027. Through this partnership, both LocoNav and Locus will enable digital transformation in the logistics industry by automating supply chain operations.

Co-Founders – Shridhar Gupta and Vidit Jain, said, “Collaboration is the first step to growth and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Locus that shares our intent to solve for complex supply chain challenges with modern technology. This partnership will help us unlock great value for the entire ecosystem, further supporting us in our mission to democratize fleet tech.”

Supply chain inefficiencies translate into losses of billions every year. This collaboration is a step forward to positively impact the end user experience by addressing challenges like inadequate tech infrastructure and lack of operational visibility.

Pranjal Swarup, Director Partnerships, Locus, said, “We are extremely excited about our collaboration with LocoNav and are looking forward to adding more value for enterprise customers with our last-mile optimization platform. This collaboration will help us empower our enterprise clients with a world class fleet visibility tool.”

Locus uses machine learning, deep tech and proprietary algorithms to solve complex last-mile problems. Inefficiencies like delays caused by congestion, suboptimal routes, accidents or cargo thefts and excessive fuel consumption – caused by speeding, idling or harsh acceleration, can negatively impact a delivery business.

LocoNav’s fleet management solution (FMS) will help Locus optimize and operate multiple vehicles with ease on a single platform. LocoNav FMS includes offerings like track & trace, fuel monitoring, on-board diagnostics with real-time alerts, rich analytics, customized reports, and more. End-to-end visibility gives clients of Locus an opportunity to enhance their operational efficiency by reining in costs and streamlining the customer experience.

LocoNav, currently present in 50 countries, is device agnostic and already compatible with over 2.2k devices from the simplest GPS location trackers to completely integrated Fleet Management Solutions servicing over 5Mn vehicles across different industries. A Series B funded startup, LocoNav, has over 1.5Mn mobile app downloads.


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