LogMeIn unlocks untapped potential of Co-Browsing with Rescue Live Guide

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LogMeIn announced the launch of Rescue Live Guide, which provides instant and secure co-browsing capabilities that enable customer service agents to resolve issues faster via guided, personalized support. Rescue Live Guide is the latest offer in a series of solution advancements made to LogMeIn’s industry leading Support Solutions portfolio which is designed to eliminate friction across digital experiences for both agents and end users to deliver increased satisfaction. Live Guide expands these capabilities to enable businesses to tap into the unlocked potential of visual engagement and up-level their customer support by turning frustrating experiences into positive outcomes.

Customer-facing teams are constantly balancing the need to help customers through an issue as quickly as possible while at the same time educating them on how they can be empowered to self-serve in the future. Unfortunately, the tools available to agents often force them to sacrifice one over the other. While still a largely underutilized technology for customer service, supporting only 0.1% interactions, co-browsing enables support agents to achieve both goals, efficiently servicing customer requests and teaching customers how to navigate self-service the next time they have an issue.

Despite these benefits, the barriers that come with traditional co-browsing solutions, such as delayed deployments due to lack of web resources, security vulnerabilities and lack of flexibility, have made it challenging for businesses to use the technology to its full potential. With Rescue Live Guide, LogMeIn is removing these obstacles.

“An ethos for us at LogMeIn is helping brands redefine how they engage with their customers – and a critical part of that is visual engagement. While traditional tools like phone and email are still effective CX methods, investing in less conventional approaches like co-browsing can help brands elevate their service and support to meet customer expectations,” said Anand Rajaram, Head of Product, Support Solutions at LogMeIn. “While some inherent challenges of co-browse technology have hindered companies from using it more extensively, we believe we’ve cracked the code with Rescue Live Guide to make co-browsing much more frictionless, secure and seamless to use. The solution allows businesses to deliver personalized, shoulder-to-shoulder support so they can resolve customer issues faster and with the white-glove service that can help set them apart from other brands.”

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