L&T Technology Services partners with CogniLore


L&T Technology Services has announced that it served as a technology partner to Canada’s CogniLore Information Solutions enabling it to offer its acclaimed proLibro digital delivery tools for mass adoption by educational institutes and businesses who now face the imminent task of realigning their operations and business model for a “work from home” environment.

The move is in line with the recent spurt in demand of educational institutes to deliver their age-old teaching mechanisms to the COVID-19 triggered work from home mode where academia-student engagement model has attained a virtual note. This offering is also valuable for businesses which so far relied on print versions or documents.

To accelerate this transition, CogniLore is moving early to general release of version 3.0 of its proLibro digital delivery tools and is offering unlimited end user licensing for free to enable these institutions to rapidly transition to digital and provide the opportunity to reduce client costs while giving users a vastly superior digital publication experience. CogniLore has also decided to suspend end user fees until September 1st, 2020 to further speed up this deployment.

Mark Mcleod, Global Director – Integrated Content Management, L&T Technology Services said, “LTTS is delighted to partner with CogniLore, to redefine how content is consumed. The version 3.0 suite of digital delivery systems allows organizations to speed up the use of content with increased migration online. With LTTS’ machine learning library, natural language processing capabilities, and machine vision computing abilities, CogniLore can help companies globally to transform to meet the demands of an evolving technological ecosystem. LTTS’ Digital Delivery Platform, involving flexible technology and processes, helps clients build high-quality, reliable and relevant content in a fully interactive environment. With the ability to quickly ramp-up during unexpected times, the platform seamlessly links both new and existing customer content to Industry 4.0 technology.”

CogniLore CEO, Andre Dube, “We want to ensure that affected institutions can make this transition rapidly while helping them to alleviate the costs associated with getting their content to students and workers who are suddenly working at a distance. While we believe that our system is the best of breed in digital delivery for both content owners and end user, our adherence to common standards means that clients can transition to other platforms at any time they choose.”


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