Lucent Innovation plans to expand its business


Lucent Innovation, a digital enterprise & product engineering solution firm that enables customers to experience a unique journey of growth aims at expanding the horizons of businesses from Retail to IOT, Blockchain & Metaverse.

The company offers the safest, most reliable, and most adaptable solutions to its clients. By utilizing the most recent technology, they aim to offer everything automated processes, internet shopping portals, 24/7 customer support, custom applications, platform migration, and SEO for online stores.

According to reports, there will be 75 billion gadgets online by the year 2025. This covers practically everything that has a sensor, not just smartphones and tablets. IoT, which was first simply a theoretical idea in 2000, is now a reality. It has completely changed technology, from education to employment to leisure. Utilize our expert services to create your IoT development solution and boost operational effectiveness and productivity.

Speaking on the expansion, Nitesh Kasma, Co-Founder & CEO – Lucent Innovation says,” Retailers nowadays must be ready with solutions that can attract customers, keep them interested, and guarantee the protection of their merchandise. Customers have a lot of expectations, ranging from ease to personalization. Lucent Innovation has supported businesses in analysing their business strategy, creating comprehensive customer plans, and collecting and managing customer data. To help your business reach scalability and excellent performance, we provide a broad range of blockchain development services. The expansion of NFT and Metaverse applications is our primary objective. With the help of our experts, the clients will be able to build their unique Metaverse NFT Marketplace, Metaverse apps, and Metaverse gaming platforms in an appealing 3D virtual environment. ”

Through digital transformation, mobile and online services, IoT, product engineering services, and specialized client solutions, Lucent innovation is revolutionizing the sector. When it comes to offering robotic & digital solutions using cutting-edge technology, Lucent Innovation is working for the benefit of future generations. With a unique blend of technical know-how and customer-focused knowledge, Lucent provides cutting-edge digital and automated technology solutions that are always improving.


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