Mason launches ModeMagic partner program; helps SMBs streamline online merchandising needs


Mason has announced the launch of ModeMagic Partner Program – an initiative for retailers & merchants in India & across the globe to collaborate with the industry’s leading e-commerce agencies experts & technologies.

To achieve rapid results and persistent transformational value, small businesses are increasingly turning to experienced partners to speed their digital transformation journey. With the ModeMagic Partner program, Mason’s clients will more easily identify and collaborate with the right pre-qualified partners across a range of technology and industry solutions, which will ensure that sure that any small-mid scale online store owner can also create delightful shopping experiences for their customers at all times – without the hassle of learning how to code. Designed to meet the unique needs of various partners – from affiliates, influencers, technology & agency partners, the ModeMagic Program will enable them to bring more agility in growing their own eCommerce-driven business. Additionally, with this streamlined and strengthened program, partners will also receive an improved overall experience working with Mason through benefits such as recurring revenue share where partners get a 20% revenue share whenever they refer merchants to Mason’s app, access to exclusive competition, and access product roadmap & community partners, etc.

Commenting on the move, Kaus Manjita, CEO & Founder at Mason, said, ”Our program provides unique solutions to make a brand stand out from its competitors by providing benefits such as auto-identification of trending products and making the brands’ product feed look visually appealing with unique badges/labels further enhancing the whole experience for customers! With the key USP being its ability to be customized, the program allows for maximum transparency across the company. ModeMagic by Mason cuts manual product updates by 90% while reducing the risk of errors and increasing reporting cadence.”

Mason is a team of creative thinkers and creators, believing in the art of storytelling. Our app builds stories around products and helps store owners create a personalized narrative for their stores. Similarly, our Partner Program is not just a usual Business endeavor, it aims to build a long-lasting community through fruitful strategic alliances that create a beautiful ecosystem in the design space and e-commerce–a comfortable space that is accessible to everyone, even to the ones who aren’t well versed with the complex art and science of design and coding”, – added Shivam Sharma, Growth Manager – Partners & Affiliates

Mason has helped 25,000+ global retailers automate their visual merchandising process with an easy-to-use no-code toolkit in just one year of launch. Mason is available exclusively for Shopify merchants as ModeMagic on the Shopify app store too – rated a 4.9 Star rating which solidifies the proposition that it is a huge value add to the lives of Shopify merchants.


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