Micro Focus introduces new RPA product


Micro Focus has announced the general availability of Micro Focus Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Micro Focus RPA automates repetitive, error-prone UI-based human actions on legacy apps and integrates them with modern IT process automation in a single product.

“Micro Focus RPA delivers on key capabilities such as scalability, resiliency and security that our customers and partners demanded. It adapts to UI changes, automates UI and API-based applications, and includes real-time auditing and traceability, giving our customers the confidence to deploy RPA across the enterprise while providing for centralised governance and compliance for their digital workforce,” said Tom Goguen, Micro Focus Chief Product Officer.

“As we have worked closely the last few years with our customers and partners to leverage test automation for their first RPA projects, it presented a convenient way to evaluate the potential of business-related automation and further prove its value to the organisation. With Micro Focus RPA, we augmented our core capabilities to be purpose built for RPA and we believe our innovations in making automation more resilient to change will deliver a lower TCO compared to existing solutions,” said Raffi Margaliot, Micro Focus General Manager for Application Delivery Management.

Micro Focus RPA capabilities include:

  • Easy-to-use design studio: An intuitive design interface that allows users to easily record screen actions and design sophisticated end-to-end RPA workflows, visually or with code.
  • Cross-platform connections: A technology-rich product that combines UI automation with API and other integration methods to connect business processes spanning old and new applications.
  • Scalable robots: A worker-queue-based architecture to scale robots up or down as workloads change, making it possible to run hundreds or thousands of robots at once.
  • Centralised security: A centralised dashboard to manage the robots that have unique IDs and encrypted, role-based credentials.
  • Resilient robots: Advanced object recognition technology to detect UI changes and automatically adapt as needed, saving time on maintenance.

“Our customers demand genuine improvements through integrated service delivery, and we know this can only occur with advanced service offerings and innovative partnership in technologies like robotic process automation. We believe Micro Focus is well placed to help deliver on this promise and we hope our customers are the beneficiaries,” said Denham Seneviratne, National Sales Manager for Winthrop Australia.

“At Kinetic IT, we strengthen our personalised service offerings by minimizing effort on activities better suited to automation. The release of Micro Focus RPA opens up new opportunities to explore and pursue for the benefit of our customers,” said Brett Roberts, Chief Product Officer of Kinetic IT.

“As a Platinum partner of Micro Focus, we are excited about the release of the RPA product and see the definite benefits it can start to bring our clients. The RPA product will enable us to automate their processes and focus areas of their application stack to drive value into repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently,” said Jamie Duffield, CEO of Revolution IT.


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