Micro Focus introduces ‘Smart Digital Transformation’ as the Next Normal


Micro Focus have wrapped up the company’s flagship customer event in India – Micro Focus India Business Continuity Dialogue 2020, which annually provides a platform for customers and partners to connect with Micro Focus executives and discuss best practices for digital transformation. This year the event was hosted virtually due to the unprecedented coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In the first year of this Micro Focus India Summit, the event was designed to help customers and partners rethink business continuity in the contact-free, digital-first economy. During the event, Micro Focus announced its unique take on the next normal – Smart Digital Transformation, which is the idea that software can bridge existing and emerging technologies, enabling organizations to run and transform their businesses at the same time.

IDC forecasts that the digital transformation spend will reach $2.3 trillion by 2023, which is increasing as a result of the current health crisis and demand for remote work and collaboration. Micro Focus believes that the key to successful IT programs in the short and long term is in taking a ‘smart’ approach to transformation that capitalizes and leverages the value of diverse processes, people, and technologies. As we move towards enterprise recovery in these unprecedented times, the smart approach is to bridge the existing and the emerging by modernizing core business systems. This approach enables organizations to achieve the balance of cost optimization and business resiliency while undergoing transformation at the same time. This is crucial to flatten the curve of business recovery.

The event highlighted that enterprises are now seeing a move towards “SMART” Transformations that comprises of the following pillars:

Prioritize outcomes – Determine which of the key outcomes are highest priority: Speed, Agility, Security or Insights
Run it like a business – Think about the end-to-end capabilities & functions that are needed to run IT like a business and how they can be optimized
Automate, analyze & secure – Use data to drive insights and help decision making, use automation to scale and secure everything where you can
Be open & integrated –leverage the eco-system of commercial and open source, partners and alliances as well as looking at organic solutions
The objective of Micro Focus Business Continuity Dialogue 2020 was to collaborate and discuss strategies that balance short-term efforts with long-term objectives to help mitigate these challenges and adapt to a new reality. The interactive event featured unique sessions on cloud, XaaS, and DevOps to foster rapid recovery, resiliency, regulatory compliance, and security – all of which have become critical to maintaining business continuity during the crisis.

“The true value of modern IT infrastructure, which encompasses people, processes, and technologies lies not in an ‘either or’ approach but in an ‘and’ approach. Accelerating enterprise recovery post pandemic is all about determining how organizations can run, transform, and adapt to push forward faster, while minimizing risk,” said Genefa Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer, Micro Focus. “We deliver on the promise of smart digital transformation by developing and delivering software that is optimized to help customers embark on this modernization journey. With an integrated and open portfolio Micro Focus helps customers bridge existing and the emerging and capitalize on maximizing the value from the investments they have made in their partnership with us.”

“Technology is critical to success and is the backbone for navigating any crisis toward recovery. We are responding to the unprecedented situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic and have extended the availability and features of key business continuity and security services to help support companies during this period. We aim to empower our customers with Smart Digital Transformation to rethink their IT strategies, innovate to fulfill their brand promise and strengthen them with lasting resiliency,” said Saurabh Saxena, Country Director – India, Micro Focus.


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