Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella meets Industry Leaders at Microsoft Future Ready Leadership Summit in Mumbai

Microsoft Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella file image

Microsoft Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella kicked off his visit to India by addressing a gathering of the country’s eminent CEOs at the Microsoft Future Ready Leadership Summit in Mumbai. While interacting with top business leaders, Nadella reinforced the digital imperative for every organization and how the Microsoft Cloud can foster innovation, create broad economic progress, and accelerate the growth of businesses in India. Sharing his vision for a tech-enabled India, he highlighted how the cloud will be foundational to scaling India’s digital journey and how Microsoft is innovating across the tech stack to support the country’s ecosystem of developers, startups and companies across every industry.  

Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, and ultimately, we have to measure our success by achieving that mission, said Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO, Microsoft. “In simple terms, I say, we should do well only when the world around us is doing well. One of the most fantastic things even in this trip into India that I’m learning about, is not just what’s happening in the top cities of the country, but what’s happening across all the cities in the country and how digital is playing a role.”

Speaking on the topic of AI, Nadella commented, “Let’s think about how it can augment every one of us in whatever it is that we are doing. Every knowledge worker is going to be more creative, more expressive, more productive. Every frontline worker will be able to do more knowledge work than they ever did. Every design task, whether it’s software engineering, mechanical design, architecture, is going to be that much more productive going forward. So, it’s ultimately, in my opinion, going to accelerate human creativity, human ingenuity and human productivity across a range of tasks.”

Microsoft has operated in India for more than 32 years. The country is a hub of innovation and resourcefulness, with India expected to become the world’s third biggest economy by 2033.

Nadella highlighted how organizations big and small, across India are transforming with the power of Microsoft’s tech stack and solution areas.

  • State Bank of India (SBI) uses Power Apps to accelerate innovation internally, addressing challenges like effectively capturing marketing leads to ensuring ATMs are accessible for people with disabilities.

  • The Government of India’s Ministry of Electronics and IT uses Azure AI to transcend language barriers through its Bhashini initiative, which aims to make multiple Indian languages accessible via translation. 

  • Larsen & Toubro (L&T) uses Azure IoT and AI to build a connected equipment platform that provides real time visibility across project sites.

  • Senco Gold & Diamonds uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a standardized solution that collects data from all customer touchpoints and records it in a centralized system for both Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management.

  • Air India uses Microsoft 365 tools and security solutions to enable world-class productivity, collaboration, and security for Air India employees organization wide.

Additional announcements made today:

  • YES BANK announced that its partnership with Microsoft to bring forth a next generation mobile application with a view to providing customers with a personalized banking experience.

  • HDFC Bank is partnering with Microsoft in the next phase of its digital transformation journey of unlocking business value by transforming the application portfolio, modernizing the data landscape and securing the enterprise with the Microsoft Cloud Platform.



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