Microsoft, Crayon educate Rajkot SMEs on Cloud

Rajiv Sodhi, COO, Microsoft India

Microsoft and its partner Crayon, recently organized a knowledge sharing session on cloud-based products and services for SMEs and ISVs (independent software vendors) in Rajkot. Rajkot is home to one of the most vibrant SME clusters in India, and the session was organized in association with Rajkot Information Technology Association.

A recent survey by Microsoft has found that by using cloud services SMEs would have 2.6x improvement in employee productivity and 3.1x reduction in operating expenses.  Microsoft offers choice, flexibility, scalability, worldwide reach and capacity in cloud services that suit any organization’s needs. Some of the benefits to organizations from moving to Microsoft cloud are as follows:

Lower cost of operations

Microsoft cloud services are pay-as-per-use services, which does away with the need for investment in setting up and maintaining an IT infrastructure, helping free-up capital that an organization can deploy in other areas of its operations. Furthermore, the services can be easily scaled-up or scaled-down as per operational requirements.

Higher productivity

Microsoft cloud services enable faster communication and collaboration among employees through simple tools like Microsoft Teams, a digital workspace, among other products in Office365. The cloud services also enable organizations to connect with existing and potential customers across India, and the world, leading to higher productivity.

Work anytime, anywhere

Microsoft cloud services provide employees access to business information from any location, at anytime, on any device. This allows work to be done on-the-go and at any time, thereby enhancing business response times and flexibility for employees to operate from any place.

Security of data

Microsoft cloud services have in-built security features, and multiple layers of authentication of users, which preempt cyberattacks and help keep the organization’s data safe from threats like hacks and ransomware.

Rajiv Sodhi, GM, Partner Ecosystem, Microsoft said, “In today’s fast-changing marketplace, open and secure collaboration among employees and agility in business response are fundamental to driving business growth. Microsoft cloud services are changing the way digital technologies are used by businesses in their day-to-day operations, and our vast partner ecosystem is delivering tailor-made digital services that suit an organization’s current and future needs.”

Added Laxmikant Ambulkar, Regional Head – West & Product Head, Crayon, a Microsoft partner with deep technical and award winning capabilities across the entire Microsoft technology stack, “We at Crayon help our partners and their customers to move from complexity to simplicity during their cloud Journey.” Further added Abhay Joshi, Product Head, Crayon, “At Crayon we provide a unique and flexible combination of processes, infrastructure and people designed to nurture ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), by helping them reach larger customer base at optimized cost per user by moving to cloud.”

Cloud is democratizing access to technology, it is enabling organizations irrespective of size, geographical location or sector to access the same technology and compute power. Microsoft cloud technologies are not only advanced but also affordable and easy to deploy and use, and with ready availability of connectivity infrastructure across India this is an opportune time for organizations to leverage cloud technologies to drive their growth.




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