Microsoft’s ISV partners redefine the HR function in India


We are in an exciting time of digital transformation. Organizations continue to move to the cloud and are accelerating their digital transformation. Our partners—whether they build applications or offer services—play a critical role in helping enterprises realize business value. Cloud services have led us to new and different levels of partnership. Independent software vendors (ISVs) differentiate by building horizontal and industry solutions and SaaS applications on Microsoft Azure, Business Applications, and Microsoft 365 platforms.

Microsoft provides ISVs in the Microsoft Partner Network with:

Connections to customers, other partners, and Microsoft sales teams through the Microsoft commercial marketplace;

Go-to-market services that help optimize their listing and showcase their offer;

Resources and guidance that speed up application development and delivery.

Companies participating in today’s interaction:

Disprz: Harnessing the power of Al to create a comprehensive, multifaceted training experience for employees, Disprz is a skills and career acceleration platform that helps companies build workforce capability. Having created over 31,000 training modules and accelerated the careers of 425,000 employees, Disprz creates multidimensional micro-learning, hosts virtual training sessions, enables social learning, sends personalized AI-driven recommendations and harnesses insightful analytics across the organization. Organizations across USA, India, Middle East, and South East Asia are using the platform to enhance their workforce potential and drive overall productivity.

Gramener: A data science company that shares data-driven insights as actionable stories, Gramener leverages its decade-long data science consulting experience to custom-build data solutions for their clients on a modern technology stack. Gramener connects multiple datasets, use artificial intelligence and machine learning for data analysis and narrate actionable insights as visual data stories. Take for example, exploring the social network structure of Github for social recruitment, or an HR analytics dashboard for organizations.

Talview: The Instahiring Experience platform empowers organizations by enabling “anytime, anywhere” hiring, automating routine tasks, and reusing data across the hiring process. With AIenabled video interviewing, cognitive remote proctoring, and advanced assessment solutions leverage best-in-class NLP, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Video Analytics capabilities, Talview caters to the “mobile-first” user for a seamless digital communication experience. Organizations have experienced 60% reduced time to hire, 50% reduced cost per hire and 45% improved quality of hire after adopting these solutions. Being a Microsoft partner has enabled Talview to tap into markets in Singapore, US & Europe. Talview has had 56 new customers since it moved to the Microsoft cloud platform.

Yellow Messenger: An AI-based conversational platform, Yellow Messenger enables enterprises to automate conversations and trigger workflows directly through conversations without human intervention. Building technology to enable natural, personal conversations and facilitating a rich, seamless user experience at scale, Yellow Messenger works across multiple industries and business functions in building more efficient and intelligent enterprises. Take for example, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail’s chatbot solution for employees that boosted their productivity. Since its association with Microsoft, Yellow Messenger has been able to win new customers in South East Asia and European Union countries, besides India.

ZingHR: An HR tech venture, ZingHR offers complete automation of end-to-end HR processes through AI, ML, Deep Learning algorithms that help cut down not only costs, but also improves employee performance and drives process efficiency to over 90% in recruitment, and offers ease of using processes like leave, attendance, payroll and claim management. Committed to driving a performance culture and delivering business outcome through process innovation, Lean HR and disruptive technologies, ZingHR’s range of solutions includes digital onboarding, micro-learning experiences, payroll processing, rewards & recognition as well as employee engagement programs. Since its association with Microsoft, ZingHR has more than 550 customers and over a million employee records on the Microsoft cloud.


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