and Intelegain launch AI-based chatbot ‘Professr’


Researchbytes, promoter of brand, has partnered with Intelegain Technologies, a Mumbai based technology solutions company to create and nurture a stock trading chatbot named ‘Professr’, which assists investors with real-time stock prices, helps understand the nuances of trading on the Moneypot stock simulation platform. Professr is an artificial intelligence (AI) based chatbot, which assists stock market enthusiasts and investors with real-time stock price information, understanding the functions of the platform and helping to make informed trades on

The chatbot is built was using AI, machine learning, Microsoft Bot Framework, LUIS-AI and the QNA technology stack. The chatbot is NLP (Natural Language Processing) equipped, therefore it can infer human’s ‘text speak’ and respond in the same manner. Due to this, Professr works as a human assistant and offers a personalized, one-to-one experience.

Aslam Siddiqui, Technology Architect, Intelegain, “Professr’s intelligence is foundationally derived from artificially intelligent technology stack powered by Microsoft; leveraging power of tools like Azure based machine learning and language understanding.”

Professr is also incorporated with popular messaging services like Skype, Microsoft Team and Slack and be used independently in other applications. Going forward, efforts are in progress to deploy Professr on social platforms like WhatsApp.

Going forward, the bot will provide a more personalized feedback experience to the user logged in. Based on a personalized interaction and Q&A, it will review the investor’s portfolio and provide appropriate analysis of his holdings and advise on the performance of his portfolio.

“Our vision with Professr is to empower the virtual assistant with enough knowledge firepower to drive recommendation and capacity to eventually perform a trade for an investor going forward,” said Kapil Chopra, CEO, Intelegain.

As Professr is in its initial stage, it is currently trained to show investors only the real-time stock prices of diverse companies they are interested to invest in or those they have invested in.

Professr creators, however, explain that the roadmap to train the bot to allow portfolio management, asset allocation, stock intelligence, information and trading (buying/selling stocks) is already underway.

“Professr is a step towards making user experience consistent and seamless irrespective of the channel the user wants to interact with the application,” added Neeraj Gargi, CTO, Intelegain.


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