Mphasis Javelina selects HPE GreenLake cloud with HPE Alletra Storage to Accelerate IT Transformation and Strengthen Security environment for its Healthcare Clients


Mphasis announced that it has adopted HPE GreenLake cloud with HPE Alletra Storage to accelerate IT transformation for its healthcare clients. This technology aims to accelerate the company’s cloud journey while strengthening security environment to improve healthcare operations, ensuring high performance, reliability, and scalability.

HPE Alletra enables enterprises to run every workload without compromise through a cloud operational experience, whether at the edge or in the cloud. HPE technologies host Mphasis’s Javelina platform, which houses provider and member data. Mphasis’ Javelina offers a comprehensive healthcare solution tailored for payer core administrative processing. This solution equips the back-office operations of healthcare payers, including health plans, self-insured third party administrators, and government programs.

HPE Alletra has helped Mphasis expand storage capacity with improved performance and enhanced flexibility in migrating customer workloads with encryption at rest, while advanced management tools have increased process efficiencies for IT and infrastructure. These tools also improve storage facility management and monitoring. Additionally, utilisation insights gained from these tools support better future planning and optimisation.

“Through the implementation of HPE Alletra, Mphasis has significantly enhanced its monitoring capabilities and access to critical information. This advancement empowers us to better serve our clients, fostering increased trust in us. We are genuinely enthusiastic about this partnership and collectively aim to deliver substantial business outcomes for our clients,” Elango R, President – Enterprise 5, North Americas, Mphasis

“Data growth continues to explode across industries and healthcare is no exception. The challenge for enterprises is to simplify management and scale their infrastructure to meet demand. With HPE Alletra Storage managed through the HPE GreenLake cloud, Mphasis can run their Javelina platform and business-critical workloads on-prem with cloud agility and simplicity,” said Patrick Osborne, senior vice president of product, HPE Storage.


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