Neo4j hosts GraphSummit 2023 in Mumbai; witnesses attendance of over 200 Graph Data Enthusiasts


Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database and analytics company, concluded its second GraphSummit in India, held in Mumbai on June 13, 2023. After a successful event last year, graph enthusiasts came together again to share the latest insights on data analytics and how graphs are helping to advance analytics and AI. It also showcased the application of graph data technology across IT, banking, and gaming industries through sessions presented by companies like Infosys, Standard Chartered, and Gameskraft, thereby underlining the versatility and adaptability of graph technology across sectors.

In addition, Neo4j announced the winners of the 2023 Graphie Awards in recognition of organizations and individuals for their outstanding innovation in implementing Neo4j’s graph technology to address significant business challenges. The winners for the 2023 Graphie Awards India were:

  • Gameskraft: Emerging Leader – Pioneering advanced fraud detection techniques using graph in a fully managed SaaS play
  • Infosys: Pioneer – Using knowledge graph to connect data across the organization to create an internal digital brain capable of making intelligent decisions
  • Bhavesh Bhatt: Community Excellence Award for Social Media Analysis

“Graph technology underpins the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. This year, we witnessed outstanding projects across various sectors, including banking and financial services, healthcare, energy, logistics, e-commerce, and telecommunications. We congratulate the winners for achieving business-critical breakthroughs using graph technology in their respective fields and applications,” said Nik Vora, Vice President, Asia Pacific at Neo4j.

“At British Telecom, we were the first in the world to do a graph-to-graph migration and wanted to see a world where networks and software work together seamlessly. To do this, we focused on identifying the problem, agreeing on an object model, and then modeling a graph database.

Neo4j has been an invaluable addition to this process. They have helped simplify our process and provided us with seamless solutions as it was an all-asset property for us. It helped us build our brand without any data issues,” said Sreenath Gopalakrishna, Director of Technology, British Telecom

“RummyCulture strives to ensure that all games played on the platform adhere to the applicable standards of fair game play, competitiveness, skill, and sportsmanship. These are values which are non negotiable for RummyCulture as a brand.

We use Neo4j graph database to store relationships between users based on game moves, referrals, payment, device details and other user activity on the platform. This helps us in identifying unusual patterns to proactively address Fair Play Violations,” said Armaan Kumar Marwaha, Tech Lead, Gameskraft and RummyCulture

The summit allowed young developers to interact with Neo4j’s Graph database and graph data science experts like Dr. Jim Webber and Dr. Jesús Barrasa and discover the latest trends in graph innovation and applications.

Neo4j has been at the forefront of exploring and unlocking the true potential of graph data technology. There has been immense acceptance of its offerings amongst the developer community and the customers at large. GraphSummit aims to empower graph professionals by giving them a platform to network, innovate and collaborate. Neo4j’s capabilities are being increasingly explored across industries, and the platform is being successfully adopted in Asia Pacific to overcome multiple business and operational challenges. With customers across industries like gaming, retail, and banking, Neo4j Graph Data Science analytics and machine learning platform continued double-digit growth in 2022 after the company crossed $100 million in annual recurring revenue in 2021.

Additionally, the company made other significant announcements recently including the new product integrations with Generative AI features in Google Cloud Vertex AI, the strategic partnership with Imperium Solutions, the launch of the Graphs4SG program with Temasek Polytechnic, the appointments of Sudhir Hasbe as Chief Product Officer and Alyson Welch as Chief Revenue Officer, the extension of its partnership with Google Cloud with the introduction of a new native integration with Google Cloud’s BigQuery cloud data warehouse as well as strategic acqui-hire of 11 full-time specialists from Distributed Technology Associates, which was a significant expansion of Neo4j’s global cloud managed services capability.


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