Netcore Cloud expands its relationship with AWS to enhance digital experiences for B2C Brands


Netcore Cloud has announced its multi-year agreement with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) for its cloud service offerings. This agreement will enable Netcore Cloud to build modular systems based on demand, manage hyper-scaling, and lower equipment and maintenance costs. It will also offer Netcore Cloud’s global customer-base access to software and platforms from the AWS ecosystem, skilled support for services, and the benefits of global infrastructure.

Today, marketing leads need to showcase returns on their marketing spends while extending an integrated and enriching customer experience in an omnichannel scenario. Netcore Cloud has been founded on cloud-computing technologies to extend agility and speed to brands, helping them with their goal to be ahead of the competition and to exceed their customer’s expectations.

Currently working with AWS in a hybrid model, Netcore Cloud will migrate more workloads to reduce its dependency on private clouds. The company aims to achieve high uptime using AWS services across multiple geographies resulting in a better customer experience. Netcore Cloud believes that AWS can further bolster its cloud-first strategy by helping them to build business-based systems (offered as individual services), manage hyper-scaling, lower equipment and maintenance costs, provide access to software and platforms in the AWS ecosystem, skilled support for services and access to global infrastructure.

Speaking about the collaboration, Kalpit Jain, Group CEO, Netcore Cloud, said, “We are fueling our growth by expansion into multiple markets and geographies. Amazon Web Services’ proven reliability, security, and comprehensive cloud capabilities have encouraged our decision. This collaboration allows us to cater to different geolocation customer demands efficiently. AWS will help us reach clients across geographies seamlessly and meet their expectations regarding data localization, security, and compliance. Moving workloads to the cloud will enable us to seize new market opportunities quickly, enhance security and address the needs of the customers better.”

“Netcore is transforming the way brands use data through various phases of customer lifecycle, using AWS to accelerate its innovations,” said Tim Barnes, Director of Worldwide Solutions for Advertising & Marketing Technology at AWS Inc. “By taking advantage of AWS’s global infrastructure footprint in the cloud and its broad selection of cloud-based analytics and machine learning services, Netcore engineering teams can reduce development time and deliver new customer experience solutions to its global customer base more quickly.”

This agreement will enhance Netcore Cloud’s digital-first marketing offerings optimizing the user experience with search optimization, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In addition, the collaboration will allow Netcore Cloud access to the AWS Partner Network (APN) and the APN Customer Engagements (ACE) Program helping Netcore Cloud drive successful customer engagements with AWS Sales. The partnership also provides opportunities for collaboration with AWS Sales and Marketing teams and ensures technical support for co-selling with AWS.


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