NetRack Braces IoT security compliance at rack level


Previously there was no particular security feature for the server racks; it used to be the overall security of the data center with access control at the gate monitored by a live guard and an entry register. With time, this manual entry was replaced by a robust feature – an electronic credential-based authentication system through RFID or biometric. The factors and the mode of authentication are growing in complexity with the security breaches.

It is a journey from securing the data center premise from any security hazards to securing individual racks. The demand for rack security and compliance grew with the rapid dependence upon data centers and the growing popularity of colocation racks where multiple companies are sharing data center space to host their servers under one roof. This changed the lock features from simple enclosure locks to an advanced and intelligent locking system that secures the rack with a card-based access control system, biometric or face detection system, or even multi-factor authentication system.

NetRack’s iLock

At this juncture, NetRack carefully designed and manufactured iLock as an intelligent locking solution for rack enclosures. It has the unique ability to secure the equipment and network infrastructure with digitally monitored security features. Hence it ensures the utmost security of the rack enclosures since the lock system cannot be tampered with. Any forced entry will trigger an alert informing of the break-in. Also, it guarantees protection against any security breach by switching off the unit. The security team and manager will immediately get an email or SMS alert in such scenarios.

NetRack’s iLock is manufactured with CE and RoHS certification and comes with a new rack enclosure where the servers and equipment can be installed with external connectors and three significant components – controller, reader, and mechatronic locks.

  • Controller – overall monitoring and access control
  • Reader – EM Card/biometric/dual-factor authentication.
  • Mechatronic locks – ensure physical security with a single-point, three-point, and four-point locking system.

Unique features

The following are the significant features of the iLock that enhance rack-level dependence and reliability.


  • Each master controller within iLock can manage 255 additional controllers.
  • It can store up to 25,000 users/cards and 5,00,000 transactions or events.
  • It comes with 255 door controllers.
  • All connectivity on the controllers are with RJ45 Ports for easy installation.
  • It is connected with Ethernet and RS 485 and supports SNMP protocol for effective integration with the BMS/FMS.
  • It is associated with a fire alarm and video surveillance for efficient monitoring.
  • It has the capacity for real-time monitoring with data for scrutiny.
  • 1U Rack-mountable that can be easily installed.
  • Ability to control both front and back door of server rack with single reader.
  • Pre-configured and inbuilt access rules based on credentials.
  • Configurable Profile based access to the users.
  • TCP/IP interface.
  • SNMP/SMTP alerts for unauthorized entry.
  • It supports all the latest card technologies: the latest card technology, HID-iClass, HID PROX, Mifare, and EM Prox.
  • Dual authentication – card and pin or biometric and pin.
  • It has an option to run the reset command for the admin.
  • Option to activate/deactivate the user access based on the requirement.
  • Remote door opening and firmware up-gradation.

Hence it is essential to create necessary security at the rack level since it hosts the mission-critical equipment for an organization, and any downtime can negatively impact the business in the long run. Furthermore, built-in safety and security features can prevent physical attacks and help an organization secure the data center rack enclosures cost-efficient and effectively.


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