New Range of Cables Make Way for New Opportunities


The interest in FO cables made by R&M is growing. With its own cable manufacturing facility, R&M supports distributors, producers and installation partners in several different ways. Now, R&M is extending the range even further.

“The new range of FO cables by R&M with their unique features stands out. Cabling needs attention and regular maintenance, but the new products have reduced the need for attention. The new FO cables protect themselves from the penetration of water, rodents and are gel-free making the work of maintenance team clean and easy,” said Shajan George, Technical Director at R&M India.
The expert team in the R&M cable plant in the Czech Republic is always focusing on new and special requirements in the market. And that is how the range grows. R&M’s partners can thus extend their own offer in a targeted manner. Among other things, the plant now provides longitudinal watertight, gel-free universal installation cables. These include cables with central loose tube cables with up to 24 fibers and stranded loose tube cables with up to 12 bundles, each with 12 fibers, in other words a total of 144 fibers.
Gel-free loose tube cables
The installation cables can be perfectly combined with R&M splice panels and FO modules, such as UniRack2 and Fiberliners. The new products are suitable for laying outdoors over short routes, for example on a campus.
R&M constructed the FRLSZH sheath (Fire Resistant, Low Smoke, Zero Halogen) in such a way that water simply cannot penetrate it. A barrier prevents any water that happens to be present around the cable from penetrating any deeper in a longitudinal direction. Glass roving filaments under the sheath protect the loose tubes from rodent bites. Installers appreciate the advantages of these dry, gel-free loose tube cables. They do not have to wipe off any gel or stop a flow of gel. That saves time and is more pleasant.
More choice in FO cables
The range of new distribution cables comprises:
  • Gel-free all-purpose central loose tube cables
  • Gel-free all-purpose stranded loose tube cables
  • Buffered fibers in 12 colours
  • Compact fibers in 12 colours
  • Simplex patch cords (2.0 mm and 2.7 mm)
  • Duplex zipcord figure-8 cables (2.0 x 4.2 mm and 2.7 x 5.6 mm)
Quality from a single source
R&M also offers new solutions for the distribution cable segment. The range comprises buffered and compact fibers as well as patch cords. The cables are coordinated with the high-grade R&M connectors or their crimping to minimize attenuation and attain high performance. The cable offering gives connector producers new possibilities on the market. When they combine the R&M cables with the tried and tested R&M connector components, they increase the performance and possible uses of their FO prefabricated products. They obtain all parts from a single source, can simplify the assembly process, extend the production depth and react more flexibly to customer requirements.
R&M’s standard portfolio for indoor and universal installation cables covers the most important requirements in terms of fire behavior and the mechanical capacity to withstand stress. The installation cables for outdoor applications are optimized for pull-in or blow-in behavior and simplify installation in cable conduit systems. All cable variants are also available as a rodent-protected or rodent-safe version. Furthermore, the extended range offers attractive products with reduced fire load / reduced space requirement, circuit integrity in case of fire, rodent protection, system warranty in R&M networks and cables for the last mile.


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