New Relic Launches Secure Developer Alliance to Scale Security Observability


Industry leaders FOSSA, Gigamon, Lacework, Aviatrix, and Opus join alliance to help secure cloud infrastructure, close the gap between security and engineering teams, and ship secure code

New Relic, the all-in-one observability platform for every engineer, launched Secure Developer Alliance. Industry leaders including FOSSA, Gigamon, Lacework, Aviatrix, and Opus are among the first to join the alliance, which provides them with pragmatic research, education, and guidance to implementing observable security. In addition, the Secure Developer Alliance includes access to the New Relic observability platform and its cloud-native security tools—including vulnerability management and IAST—so that members can provide their customers with actionable security insights.

Organisations must ensure security across their stack, including their cloud infrastructure. This poses a challenge since cloud environments are rapidly evolving and growing in complexity. In addition, developers are often faced with security tools that can’t cut through alert noise to surface what matters, wasting their time and forcing them to fix lower priority vulnerabilities. These tools also lack insights into runtime impact and exploitability and require manual oversight. The Secure Developer Alliance solves these challenges by automating cloud security with integrated tools that break through alert noise with automated, deep insights. This helps developers save time and focus on the vulnerabilities that are most critical, live in production environments, and impact customer experience.

The Secure Developer Alliance offers:
Developer-Centric Security: Security tools and practices built for ease of use and seamless integration into existing development workflows.
Simplified Security Automation: By integrating with New Relic, partners simplify workflows and access new functionality that embeds security early in the development process, automate security remediation, and reduce the manual toil often associated with security and compliance.
Pragmatic Research and Education: Pragmatic research on emerging security threats and trends, and guidance on effectively addressing challenges within the development process. Resources and best practices will be focused on secure coding practices, threat awareness, and the importance of security early in and across the SDLC.
Access to Online Community Forums: Access to an online community where developers and security professionals can collaborate, share knowledge, and learn from each other’s experiences.

“We’re very proud to have founding partners that are leaders in the industry as part of our Secure Developer Alliance,” said New Relic Chief Product Officer Manav Khurana. “This alliance isn’t just about collaboration, it’s about setting a new standard for secure development by making it instinctive for both development and operations. This is critical as cloud environments become more complex, more expansive, and threats more pervasive. With the support of our partners, we’re dedicated to making security observability an integral part of the cloud development lifecycle, empowering developers to innovate securely and with confidence.”


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