NTT enables the latest technology trends for the leader in India’s banking and money market system


NTT Ltd is strengthening the IT infrastructure ecosystem at one of India’s premier banking institution, through the deployment of its software-defined infrastructure solutions. NTT has enhanced efficiencies within the client’s virtualized environment, by integrating a software-defined storage solution with their existing private cloud to enable business agility and optimized resource allocation.

Given the highly regulated environment within which the client operates, and the exponential growth of data and workloads, it is imperative to integrate and manage data that is typically stored in silos, across the enterprise. The solution deployed allows for pooled resources to be managed centrally and intelligently. A unified management platform offers full visibility and easy access to data, thereby enhancing business efficiency and provisioning quicker troubleshooting through a managed services model.

Rahul Ambegaoker, Senior Director & Region Head, West, NTT Ltd. in India says, “Organizations are looking to future-proof their IT infrastructure and improve efficiencies across the board. While assessing a solution, decision-makers must factor in all costs, capacity requirements and limitations. By accounting for present and future application usage, security, data retention, and analytics needs, NTT designed and deployed a solution that transformed the storage environment to be more efficient, flexible, agile, and scalable. We overcame challenges and completed this project amid a pandemic, leveraging our strength in delivering complex hybrid cloud projects in the Financial Services domain”.

NTT will consolidate three of the client’s data centers and manage servers and storage centrally, by combining it with the client’s existing private cloud. “The meaningful transformation of data to knowledge is possible only when it is methodically collected, stored, processed, shared, disseminated and used. Rather than being overwhelmed by the volume of data, NTT’s solution enables the client to convert it into insights, intelligence and innovation – the 3 Is of modern IT infrastructure. This deployment reinforces their vision of enabling IT as a strategic resource for enhancing enterprise knowledge, improving customer service, and increasing the overall efficiency by using relevant data and information effectively,” adds Ambegaoker.

The proposed technology stack is a unique solution that enables digital behaviour agenda of the Financial Services domain – a core sectoral area of expertise for NTT in India. This solution serves as a stepping stone for new avenues such as data center automation and the opportunity to build resilient IT solutions that are designed to provide scale and availability while addressing exigencies such as the recent pandemic that crippled many businesses.

Since the implementation, the client is reaping benefits such as reduced operational costs due to the consolidation and integration of the software-defined storage solution with their existing infrastructure. Technology infrastructure has played a key role in enabling timely availability and access to vital information in the fast-evolving financial macro space. Through this process of technology reengineering, NTT can enhance business adaptability, improve focus on organizational goals, reduce complexity of existing IT systems, improve agility of new IT systems, and ensure a closer alignment between IT deliverables and business requirements.


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