NTT Ltd. and AlefEdge partner to unleash the power of 5G and Edge Internet in India


NTT Ltd., a global technology services company and AlefEdge, a provider of edge internet, today announced their collaboration in India to deliver the power of 5G based edge internet to application developers through AlefEdge’s Software-Defined Mobile Edge Platform. As the country gears up to leverage the immense potential of 5G technology, the partnership will boost the ability for enterprises to build edge applications that leverage and realize the value of virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, IoT and gaming.

As per reports, the edge internet economy is poised to be worth $4.1 trillion by 2030 globally. This next generation of ultra-low latency and ultra-high-definition edge enhanced application services will enable innovation across multiple sectors. NTT Ltd., with the industry’s most trusted strategic alliance partners across networking, hybrid infrastructure, enterprise, collaboration, and security applications will help implement, support, and manage these technologies. Together, as an ecosystem, the next generation of the internet where applications and networks live harmoniously will impact sectors ranging from telecom, manufacturing to media and entertainment.

“Edge computing technology offers the ability to craft creative solutions for advanced applications that need low latency and remote processing. Edge computing is the answer to the growing demand for cloud computation and storage to be much closer to where it is needed, and not only in central locations, said Lux Rao, Senior Director – Solutions, NTT Ltd. (India). With a system integration and services portfolio that includes consulting, managed, and infrastructure services, NTT Ltd. can help roll out edge computing solutions that will transform application and network delivery economics in every industry in new ways,” he added.

Advanced connectivity can power the convergence of operational and IT systems by providing computing requirements for the digital transformation of industrial processes. This is likely to be foundational for digital manufacturing to succeed. Streaming from the edge instead of the cloud will create new opportunities for content owners to deliver high-definition, interactive and immersive content to smartphone users. By enabling byte sized microlearning immersive HD Videos, eBooks, and images, organizations can overcome the challenge of providing rich learning experiences for employees for seamless training and education.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Ganesh Sundaram, CEO and Founder of AlefEdge,said, “Organizations across the globe and in India have seen a massive growth in data, along with a dramatic evolution in technology, with more mobile users and new high bandwidth and real-time applications. By bringing data center technology closer to the user and by reducing the latency associated with transporting data across the backbone network, our partnership with NTT Ltd. can revolutionize everything ranging from IoT, digitization of commerce, social media, and the rapid growth in HD streaming.”

Modern businesses, communications, and user requirements are rapidly evolving, pushing the envelope of computing. NTT Ltd.’s partnership with AlefEdge will offer a complete set of application building blocks upon which successful edge solutions can be developed.


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