Oncology Venture Revolutionizes Cancer Treatment with Citrix and Google Cloud


Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide. And with the help of Citrix Systems, Inc. and Google Cloud, Oncology Venture is transforming care for patients around the globe. Leveraging Citrix digital workspace solutions on Google Cloud’s platform, the company is able to deliver secure and reliable access to the applications and data the specialists it relies on to develop personalized treatments need and prefer to use in a single, unified experience. On July 28, the company will share the story if its success in a virtual session at Google Cloud NextOnAir.

“Oncology Venture has created a platform for doctors to easily predict which cancer treatment is the right one for their patients,” said Ulrik Christensen, Principal Infrastructure Engineer, Oncology Venture. “Initially, we ran the platform ourselves, but we did not have the resources to get the performance that was needed and were unable to scale the solution.”

For an innovation-driven company like Oncology Venture, it’s essential to be able to get access to resources quickly and easily. But, given the sensitivity of the data the company manages, security is paramount.

“We need a solution that allows our employees to securely access development tools, applications and data on any network on any device at any time without compromising sensitive patient data,” Christensen said.

Oncology Venture found that solution in Citrix Workspace for Google Cloud. A unique offering that combines the flexibility of Citrix digital workspace solutions with the power of Google Cloud, Citrix Workspace for Google Cloud enables companies to quickly and efficiently deliver secure, high-performance, and scalable workspaces that enable their employees to do their best work.

Using Citrix networking solutions, including Citrix ADC, Oncology Ventures can optimize application performance and drive a reliable experience that keeps employees engaged. And using the microapp capabilities within Citrix Workspace, it can design workflows to simplify tasks and keep them productive.

According to Christensen, Citrix Workspace for Google Cloud has changed the game for Oncology Venture. “Citrix and Google Cloud help Oncology Venture solve for faster cancer treatments,” he said. “When we were running analyses in our own data center, it took us three weeks to run 1,500 patients. Now we can do that in a matter of hours, which means we can get results faster and provide treatment faster to patients.”


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